MySQL Enterprise Edition: Customer Successes

Toss Bank Delivers Innovative Financial Services with MySQL Enterprise Edition

Toss Bank, a subsidiary of Viva Republica, was the third internet bank to open in Korea in October 2021. They are competing with banks that embrace a wider range of customers through technological innovation by offering the best customer benefits in the financial services market in the country.

Toss bank selected MySQL Enterprise Edition due to its superior performance and ease of management. The advanced security features of the solution and the 24/7 access to MySQL Consultative Support as well as Oracle Premier Support were also deciding factors in choosing the solution.

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NJ India Invest Boosts Financial Transaction Processing with MySQL Enterprise Edition

NJ India Invest is the flagship company of NJ Group, a leading player in the Indian financial services industry known for its strong mutual funds distribution capabilities. NJ India Invest decided to upgrade to MySQL Enterprise Edition to enhance database performance, streamline backup and restore, and increase control over its MySQL database instances.

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