Dream D&S Co., Ltd.

Dream D&S Provides High Security by Using MySQL Enterprise Edition
for its Embedded Products, Enabling Customers to Innovate Faster

"We chose MySQL Enterprise Edition for its overall ability to provide us with a reliable, scalable back-end solution for delivering high-quality security systems that meet customers’ requirements for data protection and compliance with advanced security and regulatory guidelines."

Dong Hyun Lee
IT Development Officer
Dream D&S Co., Ltd.

South Korean ISV and security systems leader Dream D&S Co., Ltd. relies on MySQL Enterprise Edition to manage the data security requirements of national defense and Internet of Things data protection companies.

Introduction & Background

Dream D&S is a South Korean information security company that develops and manufactures security solutions for computers, the Internet of Things (IoT) security, network connection control, and national defense.

The company is certified under the Korea Cryptographic Module Validation Program (KCMVP), a system that verifies the security and implementation suitability of cryptographic modules used to protect important information.

Business Challenges & Goals

In order to deliver high-quality security systems, including video data encryption/decryption, network segmentation, and additional KCMVP-based requirements, Dream D&S needed an embedded database guaranteeing high performance and scalability.

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), the solution had also to meet its customers' requirements for compliance with advanced security and regulatory guidelines, specifically for video encryption and decryption.

In 2019, Dream D&S looked for a back-end solution with low total cost of ownership (TCO), and minimal requirements in terms of system administration. In 2020, the company determined that MySQL Enterprise Edition would meet all of its criteria.

Business Results & Metrics

In selecting MySQL Enterprise Edition as its embedded database for the KCMVP key management system, Dream D&S enhanced the performance and security of its encryption platform for protecting sensitive digital assets.

The company now has a powerful and scalable database with high availability to drive its high-quality security systems that meet customer needs for data encryption and all KCMVP-designated directives on video data protection.

MySQL Enterprise Edition has given Dream D&S the power and open source rapid development agility with which to expand its foothold in the rapidly growing market for systems that compress, encrypt, and decrypt unstructured high-volume closed-circuit television (CCTV) and other images.

By embedding MySQL Enterprise Edition in its bundled high-quality security systems, the company increased design and development efficiency and enhanced the quality of its commercial systems for protecting sensitive data.

Dream D&S' engineers enjoy expanded development capabilities, resulting in faster time-to-market in delivering ultra-reliable and innovative data encryption services.

The team has benefitted from MySQL Thread Pool, a server plugin which limits the number of concurrently executing statements, queries, and transactions to ensure that each of its data encryption clients has sufficient central processing unit (CPU) and memory resources.

Furthermore, by implementing MySQL Enterprise Monitor, the ISV has gained real-time visibility into the performance and availability of the database before any issue impacts customers in terms of response speed or uptime.

To protect its operations, Dream D&S has subscribed to Oracle Premier Support, providing systematic technical assistance for a range of issues, including database performance for MySQL software embedded in its applications.

The exhaustive online documentation of MySQL Enterprise Edition provides Dream D&S with round-the-clock access to comprehensive technical knowledge on how to ensure smooth database operations.

Why MySQL?

Dream D&S evaluated several vendors but concluded that MySQL Enterprise Edition outperformed the other competitors.

MySQL Enterprise Edition provided development agility, ease of management, low total cost of ownership, database solution capable of optimizing its bundled high-quality security systems, with significant benefits for both Dream D&S and its customers.