MySQL as an Embedded Database

Over 2000 ISVs, OEMs, and VARs rely on MySQL as their products' embedded database to make their applications, hardware and appliances more competitive, bring them to market faster, and lower their COGs (cost of goods sold).

These ISV and OEM customers choose MySQL for its:

  • Low-cost, up to 90% less than Microsoft SQL Server with features that ensure COGS remain low throughout an application's life cycle. Lower database costs allow vendors to offer their products at a fraction of the cost of competing solutions and the flexibility to appeal to more price-sensitive customers.
  • Cross Platform Flexibility with support for over 20 platforms providing the freedom to ship products on multiple hardware and operating system combinations and into more markets.
  • High Performance, Reliability and Scalability to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications, such as Telco and Network management. Including a full-featured RDBMS helps to make products more competitive initially and over time as customers’ data needs inevitably increase.
  • Ease-of-Use with fast installation, configuration and integration so developers can focus on application development, reducing costs and time to market.
  • Zero-administration, eliminating the need for customers to hire a dedicated DBA or spend any cycles on database administration, and reducing or eliminating costly database-related support calls.

MySQL is available in 4 editions for embedding in commercial products:

  MySQL Classic Edition MySQL Standard Edition MySQL Enterprise Edition MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition
Commercial License2,3,4,5 Contact the MySQL Embedded Sales Team7
MySQL Features
MySQL Database Server
MySQL Document Store    
MySQL Connectors
MySQL Replication
MySQL Partitioning    
MySQL Router    
MySQL Operator for Kubernetes    
MySQL Shell    
MySQL Workbench1  
Storage Engine: MyISAM
Storage Engine: InnoDB  
Storage Engine: NDB      
MySQL Enterprise Backup1    
Hot backup for InnoDB1    
Full, Incremental, Partial, Optimistic Backups1    
Full, Partial, Selective, Hot Selective restore1    
Encryption and Compression1    
MySQL Enterprise High-Availability1    
Group Replication    
High Availability with InnoDB Cluster    
Disaster Recovery with InnoDB ClusterSet    
MySQL Enterprise Scalability1    
Thread Pool1    
MySQL Enterprise Stored Programs1    
MySQL Enterprise Security1    
MySQL Enterprise Authentication1    
MySQL Enterprise TDE1    
MySQL Enterprise Encryption1    
MySQL Enterprise Masking1    
MySQL Enterprise Firewall1    
MySQL Enterprise Audit1    
MySQL Enterprise Telemetry1    
Oracle Enterprise Manager1    
MySQL Enterprise Monitor1    
MySQL Enterprise Dashboard1    
MySQL Enterprise Advisors1    
MySQL Query Analyzer1    
MySQL Replication Monitor1    
MySQL Cluster Manager1      
Configuration & Provisioning1      
Automatic Scaling1      
Management & Monitoring1      
MySQL Cluster Geo-Replication      
Oracle Product Certifications6
Certified with Oracle Linux6
Certified with Oracle VM6
Certified with Oracle Solaris6
Certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager6    
Certified with Oracle GoldenGate6    
Certified with Oracle Data Integrator6    
Certified with Oracle Fusion Middleware6    
Certified with Oracle Secure Backup6    
Certified with Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall6    
Certified with Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux6    
Complete List of Supported Platforms »
Oracle Premier Support3 (available separately) Contact the MySQL Embedded Sales Team7
24x7 Support
Unlimited Support Incidents
Knowledge Base
Maintenance Releases
MySQL Consultative Support    

1 Certain Features only available in Commercial Editions.

2 Commercial License for perpetual use

3 Oracle Premier Support for MySQL is available separately (extra cost)

4 Server: is defined as the computer on which the programs are installed. A Server license allows you to use the licensed program on a single specified computer.

5 Socket: is defined as a slot that houses a chip (or a multi-chip module), which contains a collection of one or more cores. Regardless of the number of cores, each chip (or multi-chip module) counts as a single socket. All occupied sockets on which the Oracle programs is installed and/or running must be licensed.

6 Non-MySQL products not included (can be purchased separately)

7 For pricing (all 4 MySQL Editions), ISVs, OEMs and VARs should contact the MySQL Embedded Sales Team

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