MySQL NDB Cluster is the distributed database combining linear scalability and high availability. It provides in-memory real-time access with transactional consistency across partitioned and distributed datasets. It is designed for mission critical applications.

MySQL NDB Cluster has replication between clusters across multiple geographical sites built-in. A shared nothing architecture with data locality awareness make it the perfect choice for running on commodity hardware and in globally distributed cloud infrastructure.

MySQL NDB Cluster

MySQL NDB Cluster delivers performance and scalability for managing larger and mission-critical applications. Some of the key highlights are:

  • NDB is fully aligned with MySQL Server and includes the latest server maintenance release
  • Dynamic Memory Management allocates resources automatically
  • Up to 4 replicas of data are fully supported now
  • Cluster capacity has dramatically increased - store 100+ TB in a single cluster
  • Once again we raised the performance bar for cluster’s parallel and distributed SQL execution
  • Synchronized privileges simplifies the management of user privileges across all MySQL Servers of a cluster

Proven daily and serving billions

Billions of users get in contact with MySQL NDB Cluster every day during every phone call. MySQL NDB Cluster's distributed, shared-nothing architecture is used at the core of mobile phone networks, authentication systems and gaming platforms.

99.999% Availability

MySQL NDB Cluster maintains multiple copies of its dataset for maximum availability. MySQL NDB Cluster has proven to deliver 99.999% availability ensuring resilience to failures and the ability to perform scheduled maintenance without downtime. Learn More »

In-memory Real Time Database

Using memory-optimized tables, MySQL NDB Cluster provides real-time response time and throughput meet the needs of the most demanding web, telecommunications and enterprise applications.

Auto-partitioning and Scalability

MySQL NDB Cluster automatically partitions tables across nodes (shards), enabling databases to scale horizontally on low cost, commodity hardware while maintaining complete application transparency. Learn More »

Parallel Distributed Query Engine

MySQL NDB Cluster's unique parallel query engine and distributed cross partition queries give an always consistent access to the entire distributed and partitioned dataset making scalable applications programing straightforward and simple. Learn More »

Data Locality Awareness

MySQL NDB Cluster has data locality awareness build into its APIs. No name or data management nodes are needed. Point selects go to the correct node, and the closest copy of the dataset.


MySQL NDB Cluster enables users to blend the best of both relational and NoSQL technologies into solutions that reduce cost, risk and complexity. Learn More »

Multi-site Clusters with Active Active Geographical Replication

Update-anywhere geographic replication enables multiple clusters to be distributed geographically for disaster recovery and the scalability of global web services.

Online Scaling & Schema Upgrades

To support continuous operation, MySQL NDB Cluster allows on-line addition of nodes and updates to live database schema to support rapidly evolving and highly dynamic workloads.

MySQL NDB Cluster Manager

MySQL NDB Cluster Manager automates the creation and management of database tasks. Learn More »

24x7 Technical Support

MySQL Technical Support Services provide 24x7 direct access to our expert MySQL Support engineers who are ready to assist you in the development, deployment, and management of MySQL applications. Learn More »