MySQL NDB Cluster Manager

The MySQL NDB Cluster Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) database powers mission-critical applications in web, telecommunications, government, and enterprise environments. MySQL NDB Cluster Manager simplifies the creation and management of the MySQL NDB Cluster CGE database by automating common management tasks including on-line scaling, upgrades, backups, reconfiguration, and tuning.

Auto Tune Clusters

Auto tune MySQL NDB Cluster by simply specifying a write load of low, medium, or high combined with a usage type of web, realtime, or test. For example, a new Cluster can be auto tuned to achieve real-time application performance for high write workloads using the hardware resources on available hosts. This would be a common template in the telecommunications industry.

Automated Management

MySQL NDB Cluster Manager provides the ability to control the entire cluster as a single entity, while also supporting very granular control down to individual processes within the cluster itself. Administrators are able to create and delete entire clusters; backup and restore all of the data; upgrade the MySQL NDB Cluster software; roll out configuration changes; autotune the cluster to fit the hardware, write patterns, and usage type; and to start, stop and restart the cluster with single commands.

Automated Monitoring

MySQL NDB Cluster Manager (MCM) is able to monitor the cluster health at both an Operating System and per-process level by automatically polling each node in the cluster. It can detect if a process or server host is alive, dead or has hung, allowing for immediate and automatic problem detection, resolution, and recovery.

Self Healing Recovery

To deliver 99.999% availability, MySQL NDB Cluster has the capability to self-heal from failures by automatically restarting failed Data Nodes, without manual intervention. MySQL NDB Cluster Manager extends this functionality by also monitoring and automatically recovering SQL and Management Nodes. This supports a more seamless and complete self-healing of the Cluster, automatically restoring redundancy and full capacity to applications.

MySQL NDB Cluster Manager Monitors & Automatically Self-Heals Failed Nodes

MySQL NDB Cluster Manager Monitors & Automatically Self-Heals Failed Nodes

High Availability

MySQL NDB Cluster has been designed to deliver 99.999% availability. It is therefore critical that MySQL NDB Cluster Manager does not impact availability of the underlying cluster in anyway. To ensure highly available operations, MySQL NDB Cluster Manager is decoupled from the actual database processes, so if a management agent stops or is upgraded, it does not impact the running database in any way.

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