MySQL 用作嵌入式数据库

有 2000 多个 ISV、OEM 和 VAR 将 MySQL 作为其产品的嵌入式数据库,以提高其应用、硬件和设备的竞争力,更快地将产品推向市场和降低 COG(销售成本)。

这些 ISV 和 OEM 客户之选择 MySQL,是因为它:

  • 成本低 — 其独有的特性可确保应用的整个生命周期保持低 COG,比 Microsoft SQL Server 低高达 90%。较低的数据库成本让供应商能够提供具有价格竞争力的产品,也能灵活地吸引对价格比较敏感的客户。
  • 跨平台灵活性 — 支持 20 多个平台,可随意在多种硬件和操作系统组合上交付产品,从而覆盖更广大的市场。
  • 高性能、高可靠性和高可扩展性 — 能满足要求极为严苛的应用需求,比如电信和网络管理。该产品附带功能完备的 RDBMS,不仅在开始时能彰显产品的竞争力,随着客户的数据需求不可避免地增长,还将不断增强产品的竞争力。
  • 简便易用 — 可以快速安装、配置和集成,因此开发人员可以将精力集中于应用开发,同时降低成本并缩短上市时间。
  • 零管理 — 客户无需聘用专门的 DBA 也无需任何数据库管理周期,此外还能减少或消除与数据库相关的成本高昂的支持呼叫。

MySQL 提供 4 种版本可供嵌入商用产品中:

  MySQL Classic Edition MySQL Standard Edition MySQL Enterprise Edition MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition
MySQL Features
MySQL Database Server
MySQL Document Store    
MySQL Connectors
MySQL Replication
MySQL Router    
MySQL Partitioning    
MySQL Workbench1  
Storage Engine: MyISAM
Storage Engine: InnoDB  
Storage Engine: NDB      
Oracle Enterprise Manager1    
MySQL Enterprise Monitor1    
MySQL Enterprise Dashboard1    
MySQL Enterprise Advisors1    
MySQL Query Analyzer1    
MySQL Replication Monitor1    
MySQL Enterprise Backup1    
Hot backup for InnoDB1    
Full, Incremental, Partial, Optimistic Backups1    
Full, Partial, Selective, Hot Selective restore1    
Encryption and Compression1    
MySQL Enterprise Security1    
MySQL Enterprise Authentication1    
MySQL Enterprise TDE1    
MySQL Enterprise Encryption1    
MySQL Enterprise Masking1    
MySQL Enterprise Firewall1    
MySQL Enterprise Audit1    
MySQL Enterprise Scalability1    
Thread Pool1    
MySQL Enterprise High-Availability1    
MySQL Group Replication    
MySQL InnoDB Cluster    
MySQL Cluster Manager1      
Configuration & Provisioning1      
Automatic Scaling1      
Management & Monitoring1      
MySQL Cluster Geo-Replication      
Oracle Product Certifications6
Certified with Oracle Linux6
Certified with Oracle VM6
Certified with Oracle Solaris6
Certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager6    
Certified with Oracle GoldenGate6    
Certified with Oracle Data Integrator6    
Certified with Oracle Fusion Middleware6    
Certified with Oracle Secure Backup6    
Certified with Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall6    
Certified with Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux6    
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Oracle Premier Support3 (available separately) Contact the MySQL Embedded Sales Team7
24x7 Support
Unlimited Support Incidents
Knowledge Base
Maintenance Releases
MySQL Consultative Support

1 Features only available in Commercial Editions.

2 Commercial License for perpetual use

3 Oracle Premier Support for MySQL is available separately (extra cost)

4 Server: is defined as the computer on which the programs are installed. A Server license allows you to use the licensed program on a single specified computer.

5 Socket: is defined as a slot that houses a chip (or a multi-chip module), which contains a collection of one or more cores. Regardless of the number of cores, each chip (or multi-chip module) counts as a single socket. All occupied sockets on which the Oracle programs is installed and/or running must be licensed.

6 Non-MySQL products not included (can be purchased separately)

7 For pricing (all 4 MySQL Editions), ISVs, OEMs and VARs should contact the MySQL Embedded Sales Team

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