DGB Capital

DGB Capital Powers its Financial Services
with MySQL Enterprise Edition

"With MySQL Enterprise Edition we were able to improve the performance of our financial applications and provide our customers with a 24/7 available service that is highly secure against cyber-attacks."

Hyun Jin Park
DGB Capital

Korean DGB Capital ensures high availability of financial applications and guarantees data integrity with MySQL Enterprise Edition.

Introduction & Background

Established in 2009, DGB Capital is among South Korea's leading financial services companies - offering a wide array of services for both individuals and corporate customers, including credit loans, automotive finance, and stock loans.

Business Challenges & Goals

Running its databases on MySQL Community Edition, DGB Capital encountered performance issues that hampered its ability to support the smooth functioning of its core applications. To solve this, the company sought a database solution that would sustain parallel processing of threads instead of queuing them, which increased the performance of the database.

In addition, to ensure the availability of all data even in case of a disaster, DGB Capital ran daily backups of its databases instances which took 4 hours to complete, making core applications unavailable during that time. To avoid application downtime, DGB Capital required a database solution that would ensure backups without hampering system availability, and ensuring the fulfillment of customer service level agreements.

To eliminate security risks associated with holding large volumes of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), the company needed a comprehensive set of security features. This would enable the organization to guarantee consistency and integrity while strengthening backend services for multi-channel systems offered to customers.

Business Results & Metrics

DGB Capital chose MySQL Enterprise Edition to provide the required performance, availability and security. The MySQL Enterprise Monitor delivers real-time visibility into the performance and availability of its MySQL database estate. The MySQL Query Analyzer helps to monitor query performance, enabling it to quickly take appropriate measures if needed. Having a consolidated view of query activities, the organization reduced the time required for fine-tuning the root cause of a slowdown.

From a security standpoint, DGB Capital uses MySQL Enterprise Encryption to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of its customers through asymmetric encryption. This enables the organization to comply with regulatory requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley and PCI Data Security Standard.

With MySQL Enterprise Firewall, DGB Capital guards its Internet-facing applications and database workloads against cybersecurity threats by monitoring, alerting, and blocking unauthorized database activity without any changes in the applications. As a result, the company ensures data integrity and prevents any personal data from being unlawfully accessed.

DGB Capital achieved increased customer trust and peace of mind by deploying advanced MySQL Enterprise Edition security tools, including Authentication, Firewall, and Encryption for maximum protection.

DGB Capital leverages MySQL Enterprise Backup to run daily backups of its databases and ensure that the data is secured even in the case of a disaster, shortening the time needed by 120X - from 4 hours to just 5 minutes.

With MySQL Enterprise Backup, DGB Capital has decreased restore time from 18 hours to 14 minutes, bolstering service level agreements and improving customer satisfaction.

DGB Capital uses MySQL Enterprise High Availability and MySQL InnoDB Cluster to guarantee high availability for its database workloads and applications, while providing fault tolerance and automated database failover.

Why MySQL Enterprise Edition?

DGB Capital selected MySQL Enterprise Edition as it provided a cost-effective solution with multiple features to secure their database and financial applications. The company selected MySQL Enterprise Edition as their database due to its backup and high availability capabilities that were critical in guaranteeing 24/7 service even during peak times.


To deploy MySQL Enterprise Edition, DGB Capital worked closely together with Oracle Partner Cywell System. The organization also enlisted the help of Oracle Premier Support and Oracle MySQL Consultative Support for consulting and knowledge sharing around the optimum design, testing, and implementation of MySQL as the back-end database for digital security applications, devices, and networks.