MySQL Enterprise Firewall Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Block SQL Injection Attacks Blocks SQL statements that do not match an approved allowlist before they are executed
Intrusion Detection Detect SQL statements that do not match an approved allowlist and alert administrators
Real-time Threat Monitoring Monitor for out of policy SQL statements in real time
Block Potential Threats Blocks out of policy SQL statements before they are executed
Allowlist Policy Enforcement Enforce normal or expected SQL behavior using pre-approved allowlist
Learning Record approved incoming SQL statements to build allowlist
Logging All SQL activity is logged so that incoming threats can be tracked and analyzed
Accuracy Minimize false positives by only allowing approved statements to access your data
Transparent Protection Requires no changes to your application regardless of development language, framework or 3rd party application
User Level Flexibility Approved allowlist are built on a per user basis
Real Time Counters Shows real-time counts of approved and rejected statements
High Performance Low overhead, instance-based firewall with no additional firewall services to run or maintain
High Availability Since it runs on each server, no single point of failure when running for many database servers
Scale out Runs on each server so scales out to maintain performance
Ease of Use Instance based firewall does not require additional products to configure or administer