MySQL Workbench Features

MySQL Workbench is offered in the following Editions:

  • MySQL Workbench Community Edition — Open Source (GPL License)
  • MySQL Workbench Standard Edition — Commercial
  • MySQL Workbench Enterprise Edition — Commercial
    MySQL Workbench
MySQL Workbench
MySQL Workbench
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Visual SQL Development
SQL Editor Write, run and debug SQL statements
SQL Code Completion Context-sensitive list of SQL keywords and objects, for more efficient coding
SQL Code Formatter Automatically formats SQL code to make code more readable
SQL Syntax Highlighting Color syntax highlighting
SQL Code Generation One-Click SQL code generation
SQL Snippets Reuse your favorite SQL snippets
SQL History Running history of all executed SQL
Visual Database Administration
Server Stop/Start Stop/Start servers locally and remotely
Server Status & Health View key server diagnostic information (Status, CPU, Memory, Hit rate, Network Traffic)
Server Logs View and parse slow and error logs (if table based)
Server Configuration View and edit MySQL Server settings
Replication Configuration View and edit MySQL Replication settings
Performance Tuning
Performance Dashboard Single location to quickly view key performance indicators
Top Performance Reports Over 20 reports on hot spots, IO, SQL, and more
Query Results View View key query performance metrics, stats, and timing
Visual Explain Visually analyze query execution plans
User and Session Management
Application Roles Convenient grouping of privileges for users
User Management View, edit, create, delete and clone MySQL users and privileges
Session Management View status of connections and kill
Connection Management
Connection Wizard Configure connections to MySQL Servers
Multiple Connections Define multiple, simultaneous connections to different servers
SSH-Tunneling Configure SSH connections to local and remote servers
Object Management
Schema Inspector Detailed views on meta-data for all schema objects with access to maintenance operations
Object Browser Easily navigate, explore, and perform actions on database objects (tables, views, triggers, etc.)
Object Editor Easily edit, create or delete database objects (tables, views, triggers, etc.)
Data Management
Import/Export Import and export mysqldump files
Export Result Sets Export result sets as CSV, XML, HTML
Visual Data Editor View and edit result sets in grid
Multi-Pane Result Sets View multiple result sets in the same visual data window
Vertical query results mode Formats Query results in columnar versus traditional row format
Quick Find Quickly locate hard to find rows or cells
Table Data Search Pattern matching search for data search across all tables and schemas
Large Result Set Limits Limit number of rows returned for large result sets
Visual Data Modeling
ER Diagramming Complete entity-relationship diagramming
Choice of Diagramming Notation Choose from popular modeling notations
Auto Layout Automatically arrange large models
Model Tables, Indexes, Views Manage all MySQL data-related objects
Model Stored Procedures, Triggers, Functions Manage all MySQL code-related objects
Model User Security Manage MySQL security privileges in model
Reverse Enginnering
Reverse Engineer from SQL Script Create models from SQL text scripts
Reverse Engineer from Live Database Create models from live databases
Forward Enginnering
Forward Engineer to SQL Script Generate DDL that runs right the first time to a SQL script
Forward Engineer to Live Database Generate a complete physical database from a model
Schema Synchronization
Schema Diff Understand the differences between a model and a live database or SQL script
Schema Synch to SQL Script Automatically update a model or SQL script in either direction
Schema Synch to Live Database Automatically update a model or live database in either direction
Schema & Model Validation 1
General Schema Validation Enforces data modeling best practice standards and eliminates common modeling errors  
MySQL-specific Schema Validation Enforces MySQL-specific design standards and ensures physical schemas are built correctly the first time  
Model Validation Ensure model is free from errors  
DBDoc 1
Document database schemata Automate documentation of databases  
Document all SQL object types Include information about all aspects of a database or model  
Document output in multiple formats Publish in HMTL or text  
GUI for MySQL Enterprise Backup 1
Automate Backups Easily create, configure, run and schedule MySQL Enterprise Backup full and incremental backups    
Track and manage Track status on previous backups, view progress on running backups, and review job schedules    
Recover Quickly Easily restore by selecting from the most recent backup or use history to recover an older version    
GUI for MySQL Enterprise Audit 1
Audit sensitive data Easily enable MySQL Enterprise Audit and see who did what, when, where and how    
Investigate suspicious activity Easily find suspect activity in your audit trails using built in filters and text search    
Sortable Grid View Powerful grid view, quickly page through data and sort across nine attributes such as user, ip, activity type, date and time    
GUI for MySQL Enterprise Firewall 1
Protect from SQL injection Attacks Easily enable MySQL Enterprise Firewall and Learn or Create Firewall Rules    
Learn, Block, or Alert Simple to set Firewall Modes within Workbench    
View, Export, Import Rules Review rules per user, simply export and import rules for simple cross user or server sharing    
Scripting & Plugins
Python Plugins Customize with Python plugins
Import from DBDesigner Easily import models from DBDesigner
Export Model Diagrams Easily export as PNG, SVG, PDF, Postscript
Database Migration
Database Migration Wizard Migration from Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Sybase SQL Anywhere, PostgreSQL, and SQLite

1 Features only available with specified MySQL Commercial Editions (SE or EE or CGE)