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Millions of Real Time IOPS with MySQL Cluster

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

MySQL NDB Cluster combines linear scaleability with reliability of carrier-grade availability. It delivers 99.9999% availability and powers the communication services for billions of mobile phone subscribers. Learn how MySQL NDB Cluster’s in-memory, distributed architecture can power the real-time requirements of telecom, online gaming and financial services apps—many of which you’ve likely used yourself. As MySQL Cluster is always consistent application programming high available real-time applications becomes straightforward.

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On Cloud 9 with MySQL Cloud Service

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Are you considering setting up a dev/test environment in the cloud? And, what about your disaster recovery plan - have you thought about using the cloud as a backup data center?

Come join us to discuss real-life solutions from customers who have implemented the MySQL Cloud Service. We’ll outline some of the advantages of MySQL Cloud Service for your business:

  • 'ssh' access to the VM created by the service for precise tuning
  • A proven database firewall to prevent SQL injection
  • Access to our monitor to act as a virtual DBA

Join us to find out more...

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