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MySQL in Oracle Environments, Part II: MySQL Enterprise Monitor & Oracle Enterprise Monitor, Integrated

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

If you use both Oracle Database and MySQL and are wondering how you can more efficiently monitor and manage both databases, 1) you're not alone, 2) we have the answer: powerful, integrated tools! MySQL Enterprise Monitor helps you automate the management of your MySQL infrastructure and improve the performance and availability of your applications. The MySQL Plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) complements this by combining MySQL monitoring within OEM for comprehensive management of Oracle systems, reducing the cost and complexity of managing a mix of MySQL and Oracle technologies. During the webinar, MySQL and Oracle users will learn how to leverage the best of both MySQL Enterprise Monitor and MySQL Plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager in order to efficiently monitor and manage their MySQL databases within their Oracle environment, whether on premise or in Oracle Cloud.

Don’t miss MySQL in Oracle Environments, Part I: Quick Start for the Oracle DBA live webinar on 22 August (or later, on demand).

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MySQL performance tuning 101 (Bahasa)

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dalam webinar ini, kami mengajak anda untuk mengenal proses tuning performa MySQL database. Kita akan melakukan review best practices, opsi konfigurasi yg penting, diskusi ttg inisial MySQL config file, monitoring dan lain lain.

Mari mengenal bagaimana menemukan kueri yang paling membutuhkan optimasi menggunakan laporan kinerja di MySQL Workbench, MySQL Enterprise Monitor, atau melalui sys schema.

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