Use automated and integrated generative AI and machine learning (ML) in one cloud service for transactions and lakehouse scale analytics. Get faster insights from all your data with unmatched performance and deploy apps in your choice of cloud providers.

Data processing with HeatWave
Data processing with HeatWave

HeatWave GenAI

Take advantage of generative AI without AI expertise or data movement. HeatWave GenAI provides integrated and automated generative AI with in-database large language models (LLMs); an automated, in-database vector store; and the ability to have contextual conversations in natural language.

HeatWave MySQL

Accelerate MySQL query performance by orders of magnitude and get real-time analytics on your transactional data—without the complexity, latency, risks, and cost of ETL duplication. Rely on the only cloud service built on MySQL Enterprise Edition.

HeatWave Lakehouse

Query data in various formats in object storage and optionally combine it with transactional data in MySQL databases. HeatWave Lakehouse delivers unmatched performance and price-performance.

HeatWave AutoML

Automate the pipeline to build, train, and explain ML models using data in object storage and MySQL Database—without moving the data to a separate ML cloud service and at no additional cost.