Connecting MySQL HeatWave with External Data Sources with Oracle Data Integration (in Hebrew)

Wednesday, November 02, 2022
Topics: Cloud

Whether you need to migrate data from legacy applications to MySQL HeatWave or combine different data sources for analytical purposes, this webinar is for you. Learn how to integrate virtually all datatypes from any data source into MySQL HeatWave. When you need to collect data in a timely manner, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Integration, a cloud native, serverless ETL (extract, transform, load) service on the Oracle Cloud, provides a unified solution for building, deploying, and managing complex data warehouses.

In this webinar you will discover how Oracle Data Integration allows you to easily integrate data from disparate sources using a graphical no-code designer with interactive data preparation all powered by Spark ETL or E-LT push-down execution which together ensures that information is timely, accurate, and consistent across complex systems.


  • Adi Hochmann, MySQL Principal Cloud Solution Engineer


Wed, Nov 02: 02:00 Pacific time (America)
Wed, Nov 02: 03:00 Mountain time (America)
Wed, Nov 02: 04:00 Central time (America)
Wed, Nov 02: 05:00 Eastern time (America)
Wed, Nov 02: 06:00 São Paulo time
Wed, Nov 02: 09:00 UTC
Wed, Nov 02: 09:00 Western European time
Wed, Nov 02: 10:00 Central European time
Wed, Nov 02: 11:00 Eastern European time
Wed, Nov 02: 14:30 India, Sri Lanka
Wed, Nov 02: 16:00 Indonesia Western Time
Wed, Nov 02: 17:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
Wed, Nov 02: 17:00 China time
Wed, Nov 02: 18:00 日本
Wed, Nov 02: 20:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

The presentation will be approximately 60 minutes long followed by Q&A.


Simply access the web seminar from the comfort of your own office.