MySQL News Announcements (2018)

Oracle Announces General Availability of MySQL 8.0

19 April 2018 — MySQL adds NoSQL and many new enhancements to the world’s most popular open source database:

  • NoSQL - Document Store gives developers the flexibility of developing traditional SQL relational applications and NoSQL, schema-free document database applications.
  • SQL - Window functions, Common Table Expressions, NOWAIT and SKIP LOCKED, Descending Indexes, Grouping, Regular Expressions, Character Sets, Cost Model, and Histograms.
  • JSON - Extended syntax, new functions, improved sorting, and partial updates. With JSON table functions you can use the SQL machinery for JSON data.
  • GIS - Geography support. Spatial Reference Systems (SRS), as well as SRS aware spatial datatypes, spatial indexes, and spatial functions.
  • Reliability - DDL statements have become atomic and crash safe, meta-data is stored in a single, transactional data dictionary
  • Observability- Performance Schema, Information Schema, Invisible Indexes, Error Logging.
  • Manageability - Persistent Configuration Variables, Undo tablespace management, Restart command, and New DDL.
  • High Availability - InnoDB Cluster delivers an integrated, native, HA solution for your databases.
  • Security - OpenSSL improvements, new default authentication, SQL Roles, breaking up the super privilege, password strength, authorization.
  • Performance - Up to 2x faster than MySQL 5.7