Bibold Revolutionizes BI Solutions, Boosts Competitiveness
with MySQL HeatWave

“MySQL HeatWave on OCI delivered significant measurable improvements on several fronts. We improved our operational efficiency and increased our ability to handle large volumes of data with greater security and performance. This in turn has improved our service offering and strengthened our competitive position in the market.”

Ricard González
Managing Partner
Bibold Solutions S.L.

The big data and business intelligence SaaS ISV reduced data processing time by 30% and costs by 15% with MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Introduction & Background

Bibold is a business intelligence (BI) and big data management SaaS ISV that specializes in leveraging data and artificial intelligence to empower businesses to make their information assets profitable. Its primary focus is on transforming data into actionable intelligence, enabling companies to make strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Founded in 2015 in Spain, Bibold offers a range of services and solutions, including BI platforms, Data Management as a Service (DMaaS), and Smart Business Apps that make it possible for companies to connect, process, generate, discover, and exploit data of any kind, anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

The company serves clients of all sizes across a range of industries, and has rapidly expanded over the years, particularly in Latin America, achieving 50% growth in 2020. It has achieved recognition for its innovation and leadership from Gartner, Ventana Research, Forrester, and CIOReview magazine, among others.

Business Challenges & Goals

Bibold works with all types of databases for client projects, but selected MySQL Community Edition for its internal systems due to its simplicity, efficiency, security, and rapid deployability, as well as for reasons of economy.

As the company grew in size and scope of services, it needed a more powerful database to underpin its solutions. “We face constant pressure to innovate in a market where data management and artificial intelligence are evolving at a dizzying pace. The competition is fierce and customer expectations regarding speed, accuracy, and information security are increasing,” said Ricard González.

The company initially had its cloud hosted with another provider. However, Bibold’s engineers needed to spend increasing amounts of time with system maintenance and management, which was further hindering the innovation of its BI and AI solutions.

Bibold needed a more flexible database to enable it to adapt its platform to the increasing diversity of data sources and the integration of new technological capabilities, while also ensuring alignment with data protection regulations. “The needs of our customers are never static, they change over time, and each time they demand more flexibility, more speed, and more agility,” commented Ricard González.

The company also needed to increase the stability and reliability of its cloud-based environments, while lowering its operational costs, to provide customers with a seamless and cost-effective BI solution.

Business Results & Metrics

Bibold deployed MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as the engine for its Enterprise Secure Cloud and Data Management as a Service (BESC&DMaaS) platform, boosting performance, availability, security, and business agility, while lowering operational costs.

Bibold reduced data processing and analysis time by 30% with MySQL HeatWave, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and giving clients faster access to critical insights. Data workload performance also greatly improved through query optimization and data management in real-time.

The company increased the availability of its mission critical BI systems to 99.9%, ensuring a reliable and consistent experience for its users and strengthening client confidence in Bibold’s ability to deliver cutting-edge data solutions.

With MySQL HeatWave, Bibold has future-proofed its innovation capabilities by gaining the flexibility and agility to integrate the latest technologies into its data solutions, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

“We have been working on applying AI and ML for years, and the solutions from Oracle have allowed us to make this simpler and easier. We no longer have to think about dealing with technology integration. Instead, we focus on how we are going to make this technology available and improve customer service, for example through the democratization of AI in our BI solutions so that all customers can benefit,” said Ricard González.

With MySQL HeatWave’s flexibility and robustness, Bibold is able to generate industry, function, and task-specific data silos, which are integrated with AI technologies to provide clients with extremely relevant and accurate answers according to individual business needs.

Bibold enhanced security and ensured strict compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR by using Oracle’s sovereign cloud to ensure that all data center operations and support personnel remain resident within the specified region.

Bibold achieved seamless scalability both internally and for its clients, eliminating concerns about operational limits and the need for manual migrations, and enabling the company to offer its solution as a pure platform-as-a-service with low, fully transparent, and easily manageable costs.

The deployment enabled Bibold to optimize its IT resources, resulting in a 15% reduction in annual operating expenses. As engineers no longer need to focus on managing and maintaining infrastructure, they now dedicate more time to the development and improvement of Bibold’s BI and AI solutions, enhancing innovation and competitiveness.

“Database management and infrastructure maintenance used to give us a lot of headaches, but now can rely on the experts at Oracle. We've also experienced significant performance improvements in our systems, which work much better and more efficiently than when we tried to manage them ourselves. It really feels as if MySQL and Oracle engineers must be doing some internal magic in their environments,” said Ricard González.

Bibold were given unprecedented support from the Oracle and MySQL Support teams, with rapid and easy access to Oracle experts for technical consultations. “Whenever we had any need, any new doubt that might have arisen, any requirement for a customer, we have been able to solve these challenges thanks to Oracle,” explained Ricard González.

Why MySQL HeatWave

Bibold chose MySQL HeatWave on OCI over other technology solutions for several key strategic reasons. The database infrastructure offered an unmatched combination of performance, scalability, and security, as well as fundamental features for the data management and advanced analytics solutions that we develop.

“OCI stood out for its ability to support our intensive workload data with high availability and constant performance. Additionally, Oracle offers a range of specialized cloud services that allow us to explore and expand our capabilities in AI and machine learning, thus opening new possibilities for innovation and product improvement for our customers,” Ricard González said.

“The decision was also influenced by the OCI’s robust security, which is essential for protecting our customers’ valuable data, and its flexible pricing model, which allows us to scale services efficiently and profitably. Oracle’s vision toward the future of the cloud and its commitment to research and development ensures we will be equipped with the latest technologies to stay at the forefront of the big data and BI sector,” Ricard González explained.

Next Steps

Bibold anticipates substantial customer growth in the coming months and intends to integrate MySQL HeatWave more deeply into its product offering.

“We plan to use the OCI infrastructure to implement AI solutions and more sophisticated machine learning, which will allow our clients to obtain predictive and prescriptive insights with greater precision. Additionally, in collaboration with Oracle, we are exploring using vector databases to improve our data analysis capabilities in real-time, which could revolutionize the way we process and visualize large data sets. These advances will allow Bibold to offer an even more powerful and flexible platform, keeping our clients at the forefront of digital transformation,” Ricard González concluded.