POCT Science House

POCT Science House Quadruples Diagnosis Speed
with MySQL HeatWave

"Our lab reports are critical because clinicians need them to diagnose patients and identify the best course of treatment. Therefore, being able to deliver reports faster with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with MySQL HeatWave will have a real impact on the lives of thousands of people."

Jitendra Tiwari
POCT Science House

A leading diagnostics company in India enables healthcare providers to receive medical reports 3X to 4X faster by migrating to Oracle MySQL Heatwave.

Business Challenges

POCT Science House Pvt Ltd, a 50-50 joint venture between Q-line Biotech Pvt Ltd and Science House Medicals Private Limited, is one of India's leading diagnostics companies. The company operates 85 labs that produce several thousand patient reports every day for district and community hospitals.

Inside the labs, more than 400 highly sophisticated, automated analyzers identify chemicals and other characteristics in biological samples for over 150 different kinds of medical tests.

The data from the tests is then compiled in reports to help clinicians quickly identify any signs of illness or disease and to propose potentially lifesaving treatments. Plus, the Indian government uses anonymized versions of the data to get a broad view of the nation's well-being to help plan healthcare policies.

Minimizing the time to generate the reports is critical so patients can receive treatment and government officials can act as soon as possible. However, POCT Science House struggled to keep pace with the demand for reports, owing to performance issues with its in-house MySQL Community Edition 5.7 database infrastructure.

Why POCT Science House Chose MySQL

POCT Science House's IT services provider Mediquity Technologies recommended migrating to Oracle MySQL HeatWave Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). As such, POCT Science House decided to run a proof of concept of the service built on MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0, running on Oracle Cloud.

Mediquity Technologies then worked with Oracle Support to run the proof of concept, with the results convincing POCT Science House to lift and shift its on-premises solution to the Oracle Cloud service.

During the process, an Oracle technical team made itself available to support the migration. It helped with moving data from the on-premises instances to OCI, ensuring the work was completed in just seven days.

Because Oracle MySQL HeatWave is a managed database service, Mediquity Technologies could offload time-consuming administration tasks, including high-availability setups, security patches, upgrades, and provisioning. As a result, it could then focus more on core development and remote working operational challenges.


After migrating to Oracle MySQL HeatWave Database Service, POCT Science House no longer faced performance issues hampering the production of thousands of medical reports each day.

The company collects data from 400-plus automated analyzers in Oracle MySQL Database Service. The integrated HeatWave in-memory query accelerator queries the data, making dashboard reporting 3X to 4X faster and simpler without needing to move the data for analysis. As a result, clinicians can make lifesaving diagnoses quicker and the Indian government can see the most up-to-date information on the nation's health.

Also, the move to MySQL HeatWave Database Service on OCI cut costs and simplified management. Centralized administration means IT engineers no longer have to visit the on-premises infrastructure to complete management tasks. And Oracle MySQL HeatWave took over routine tasks, saving more time and lowering expenses further.

In addition, the lab reporting infrastructure helped complete end-to-end data security. The company enjoys stronger compliance with healthcare data regulations and data protection laws, as well as easier monitoring using the MySQL Enterprise Monitor.


Mediquity Technologies, a healthtech company, provides IT services to POCT Science House. It identified Oracle MySQL HeatWave Database Service as the right fit for the challenge and implemented the necessary environments on OCI.