KBG Services Payroll Application Increases Data Security and Compliance
with MySQL HeatWave

"With MySQL HeatWave, we were able to secure our databases, ensure full reliability of our payroll service, and provide our clients with the assurance that we use proven Oracle technology."

Kalyan Bose
KBG Services Private Limited

Payroll service provider uses Oracle Cloud as a trusted provider for the highest reliability and security standards.

Introduction & Background

Founded in 1983 in India, KBG Services offers Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the field of human resources (HR), providing consulting and support services to multinational companies with subsidiaries in India - from payroll services to corporate governance.

Business Challenges & Goals

KBG Services spent significant amounts of time and resources to maintain its on-premises databases. It decided to move to the cloud to leverage the benefits of database as a service, while using internal resources to focus on growing the business.

Data security was another important aspect that KBG Services needed to address. To protect sensitive client data in MySQL Community Edition, the company wanted to upgrade to the latest security features to keep their data secure.

When managing payroll services for multinational companies, the company required more performance for intensive workloads, such as clients' years-end activities. KBG Services needed a cloud database with on-demand scalability to support peak load times.

Furthermore, KBG Services needed strong encryption to prevent any unauthorized access or theft of its data at rest while ensuring compliance with global and Indian data privacy laws.

KBG Services also looked for a renowned cloud technology partner that would increase the trust in the company's services.

Business Results & Metrics

KBG Services migrated its on-premises MySQL Community Edition to MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), decreasing maintenance times by 20% and increasing the efficiency of payroll processes delivered to corporate customers.

KBG uses MySQL HeatWave's on-demand scalability to add computing and storage capacities when more database performance is needed to process intensive workloads. The company increased database reliability and ensured that it can support customers' end-to-end payroll processes, even during peak times such as year-end closures.

Using MySQL Heatwave, KBG Services was able to move its production database to Oracle Cloud Region Mumbai and set up backup and disaster recovery (DR) sites to Oracle Cloud Region Hyderabad. Leveraging automation for database backup and recovery, as well as encryption for all stored data—including data-at-rest—KBG ensures data reliability, data security, and business continuity. The process has eliminated manual validation of data integrity.

Leveraging MySQL HeatWave's encryption, KBG Services ensures compliance with domestic and international data privacy, as well as data protection laws and regulations, such as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It protects data belonging to European Union citizens and residents, including those working for companies based in India.

KBG Services leveraged Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies to configure groups and policies which enable dedicated platform access for selected clients for pay slips, tax sheets, or other HR forms and reports.

The outstanding tech support from the MySQL engineering team and Oracle Premier Support was critical during and after the migration phase. It helped KBG Services easily deploy the solution in a timely manner on OCI and focus on making the most out of its applications.

Why MySQL?

KBG Services selected MySQL HeatWave Database Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure because Oracle is a trusted provider, with the highest reliability and security standards.

Before making its decision, the company evaluated various cloud database providers, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). KBG chose MySQL HeatWave as it offered the most advanced security capabilities essential for the protection of KBG's data-at-rest.

Next Steps

"Our success in deploying MySQL Heatwave on OCI is extremely compelling. We plan to leverage more of the advanced database features, including the in-memory query accelerator, to enhance our payroll service delivery," Kalyan Bose concludes.