eD-Online Maximizes Uptime for e-Learning LMS
with MySQL HeatWave

“With MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure we delivered our Learning Management System (LMS) 70% more efficiently than our previous offerings and have reinforced our promise to turn our clients’ goals into successful results.”

Tan Chiang Loong
Executive Director

Malaysian e-learning training provider improves productivity by moving to MySQL HeatWave.

Introduction & Background

eD-Online is a Malaysian SaaS ISV that produces creative content for learning, communication, and entertainment. In the learning space, its primary focus is to devise learning strategies to address clients’ needs for training and development. Using instructional design principles, it implements e-learning courseware, and tailors learning content to commercial or inhouse learning management systems (LMS).

The company also works in the areas of communication and entertainment, creating corporate videos, explainer videos, and animations for television series and commercials.

Business Challenges & Goals

In the e-learning space, eD-Online began working with MySQL for open source LMS platforms such as Moodle, and other customized solutions. Its solutions remained on-premises until a major logistics organization operating in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region requested a cost-effective, custom e-learning system for onboarding couriers. High availability and security were critical requirements.

To meet the challenge, eD-Online’s biggest concern was to mitigate the chance of system failure during online training of 6,000 couriers located across the APAC region. MySQL Community Edition lacked the functionality and support to meet the client’s specifications, and eD-Online decided to move to MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Business Results & Metrics

By implementing MySQL HeatWave, eD-Online launched a high availability platform for the business-critical onboarding content delivered through the client’s inhouse LMS.

OCI’s elasticity and performance guarantees 100% uptime for thousands of users logged into the six-day intensive course. The course is designed to help the logistics company gain a competitive edge.

The superior performance of MySQL HeatWave coupled with OCI Process Automation led to a 70% reduction in system development time and effort. Using legacy process, it took days to set up a new server, in OCI the process is accomplished in minutes.

MySQL HeatWave on OCI meets the client’s essential requirements of enterprise-level security, providing encryption of data at rest and in transit, reliable management of encryption keys, robust backup, and protection from malevolent intrusion.

And the OCI pay-as-you-go pricing model has enabled eD-Online and its logistics clients to significantly reduce costs by scaling computing resources up and down to accommodate the change volume of new hire trainees and seasonal spikes.

Why MySQL HeatWave?

When eD-Online was challenged to build an e-learning course with enterprise-level security it realized that it needed a fully managed cloud database service to meet its client’s requirement for security, performance, reliable uptime, easy scalability, and cost effectiveness. For existing MySQL developers, it was an easy step to adopt MySQL HeatWave on OCI.

To get full buy-in from the client, eD-Online worked closely with the MySQL Support team, who advised them on the system architecture and collaborated on development.

“MySQL support helped us tremendously to overcome a few technical challenges. Our staff can focus now on development rather than troubleshooting database-related issues,” said Tan Chiang Loong.

Next Steps

eD-Online now has its eye on using OCI Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help it with adaptive learning. OCI AI will be leveraged in areas such as identifying training gaps and drawing up specific learning paths based on the knowledge of each individual, resulting in effective custom learning experiences.

“Adaptive learning assisted by OCI AI will be a cutting-edge offering to our clients that will give strong competitive advantage over other e-learning agencies,” said Tan Chiang Loong.