MySQL HeatWave: Available in OCI, AWS, and Azure

Ready for the distributed cloud

MySQL HeatWave is available in multiple clouds, including OCI, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. This enables customers to choose which cloud provider to use for their MySQL HeatWave workloads. AWS and Azure users can take advantage of all the unique MySQL HeatWave capabilities without having to move their data or needing to learn a new platform. You can also use MySQL HeatWave in your data center with Oracle Dedicated Region Cloud@Customer.

Single Database for OLTP, OLAP, and Machine Learning

While other cloud platforms offer separate services for different capabilities, only MySQL HeatWave offers a single database service for transactions, analytics, machine learning and MySQL AutoPilot for ML powered automation. For AWS and Azure users, this means no additional fees for separate services and no data egress charges.

Native AWS Cloud Experience

MySQL HeatWave is run natively on AWS and the data plane, control plane, console are deployed inside AWS. It delivers a true native experience for AWS customers without requiring data to egress to the internet for using MySQL HeatWave and delivers millisecond-level latencies for applications and a rich interactive console. It facilitates schema and data management, and executes queries interactively from the console. Users can monitor the performance of their queries and monitor the utilization of the provisioned resources. MySQL Autopilot is also integrated with the interactive console, making it easier to use.

MySQL HeatWave on AWS

MySQL HeatWave on AWS provides users with a true native experience using a rich interactive console.

Unmatched Performance and Price Performance

MySQL HeatWave on AWS is optimized for AWS with a superior architecture that delivers higher performance and lower cost compared to competitive offerings, as demonstrated by industry standard benchmarks. On the 4TB TPC-H* benchmark, MySQL HeatWave on AWS delivers price performance that is 7X better than Amazon Redshift, 10x better than Snowflake and 12x better than Google Big Query.

Advanced Security Features

MySQL HeatWave service now offers several comprehensive security features which provide additional differentiation with Amazon Aurora. These include server-side data masking and de-identification, asymmetric data encryption, and a database firewall.

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