MySQL Enterprise Backup Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Non blocking "Hot" Backups of InnoDB tables takes place entirely online, without blocking
Partial Backups Backup only particular tables or tablespaces
Optimistic Backups (supports Full and Incremental) Uses attributes of data activity to provide an optimized backup - smaller, faster, less overhead
Incremental backups Only backup the data that changed since a prior backup
Streaming backups Redirecting a backup to stdout or to a pipe
Compressed backups Reducing storage requirements up to 90%
Parallel Backup Operations Performance, time reducing parallel multi-threaded processing
Direct to tape Support for Secure Backup to Tape (SBT) interface for Tape and other Media Managers
Hot and cold backup support Backups can be performed with MySQL online or offline
Binlog and Relay log backup With optional switch simplifies and reduces time required to clone source into replica servers for HA and replication
Continuous monitoring Continuously watch and monitor the progress of a backup
Complete "full instance" backup Additionally includes configuration and other information needed to create a matching replica
Skip Unused Pages Saves space and IO by skipping unused pages within InnoDB data files
Selective backup Uses highly performant and transportable method to backup tables by leveraging MySQL 5.6 Transportable Tablespaces
Single File backup Writes the complete backup to a single file, stream or pipe
Exclude Tables Exclude unnecessary tables from your Backups, saving backup time and space
Advanced LZ4 Compression Support highly efficient, low impact and ultra fast LZ4 compression, as well as LZMA and zlib
AES 256 encryption Built in 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to secure all the sensitive backup data
MySQL TDE Enables secure archival quality backup and restore of TDE encrypted database files and keys
Consistent Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR) Recover and roll forward to a point in time
Online "Hot" Selective Restore Allows a DBA to pull back and recover selected tables into a "HOT" running database
Parallel apply-log Applies redo log changes in parallel, reduces recovery time
Partial Restore Restore of particular tables or tablespaces
Restore to a Separate Location Move database files on restore, create clones for fast replication
Familiar command-line behavior Consistent MySQL parameters and interaction
Direct restore Restore in a single step. Simplifys recovery and saves space
Selective TTS restore and table rename Great for transporting and restoring large to very large tables from one database to another, or for partial recovery to stage a table and recover specific data
Streaming restore of partial backups Partial backups taken using TTS can be restored directly from one server to another online server
Advanced Features
Throttling Spread the load out over time and reduces peak utilization
OS buffer optimizations Improves preformance and avoids swapping
Export individual tables/tablespaces Fine grained backup and recovery
Corruption Detection Checks page checksums when copying InnoDB data and log files
Task Synchronization Allows point-in-time task synchronization of other tasks with backup
Unlimited database size Scalable, works well for small to very large databases
Runs outside MySQL process space Lowers risk and increases performance
Scriptable Interface Easy to use and simple to schedule
Low space detection Monitors disk space and provides optional actions if space is low
Multi-platform Linux, Windows, Mac & Solaris
Easy installation Simple to install and deploy across the enterprise
Advanced Output Logging Redirect messages to a log file. Helps in customer support and defect analysis
Custom Progress, Status, and Error Logging Flexible logging options allows progress, status, and error messages to be teed and directed. Ideal for enhanced workflow into monitoring or for advanced logging integration
Validate backup dir and image Validate backups that have already been taken and check data integrity so that restores are safe and successful
Additional Storage Engines
MyISAM backups Backs up MyISAM tables allowing applications to read data during backup
Other Storage Engine backups Support Merge, Partition, Archive Engine backup
Integration with Cloud
Direct to Cloud Storage Support for Oracle Storage Cloud, AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) API to backup and restore direct to inexpensive Cloud Storage (S3, Swift, and more)
Integration with Popular Backup Solutions
Direct to tape Support for Secure Backup to Tape (SBT) interface for Tape and other Media Managers
  use SBT for integration with Oracle Secure Backup
  use SBT for integration with Veritas (previously Symantec) NetBackup
  use SBT for integration with Tivoli Storage Manager
  use SBT for integration with EMC NetWorker