MySQL NDB Cluster: NoSQL

MySQL NDB Cluster enables users to blend the best of both relational and NoSQL technologies into solutions that reduce cost, risk and complexity including:

  • Concurrent NoSQL and SQL access to the database;
  • Simple multi-master replication with automated failover and recovery within and across data centers;
  • Auto-sharding and scale-out across commodity hardware;
  • Online scaling and schema changes;
  • ACID compliance, Foreign Key constraints (enforced on all APIs) and support for complex queries;
  • In-memory computing for real-time performance.

MySQL NDB Cluster presents multiple interfaces to the database, enabling maximum developer agility, while also providing the option to bypass the SQL layer entirely for native, blazing fast access to your tables. Each of the SQL and NoSQL APIs can be used simultaneously, across the same data set

SQL & NoSQL APIs to MySQL NDB Cluster

SQL & NoSQL APIs to MySQL NDB Cluster

The MySQL Server provides an industry standard SQL interface to the cluster enabling complex, relational queries to be run, and providing connectivity to all of the standard MySQL connectors including:

  • Common web development languages and frameworks, i.e. PHP, Perl, Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, etc;
  • JDBC (for additional connectivity into ORMs including EclipseLink, Hibernate, etc)
  • .NET, ODBC, etc

MySQL NDB Cluster also offers the choice of NoSQL APIs: