MySQL HeatWave Developer Resources

Access resources including step-by-step instructions and code samples to build MySQL HeatWave-powered apps for popular use cases.
Additional use cases coming soon
See reference architectures to deploy popular open source applications with MySQL HeatWave.
MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides industry-leading performance and price-performance at-scale. Learn about the engineering innovations that power MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse.
Learn how to set up a LAMP stack with MySQL HeatWave in Oracle Cloud.

Read the blog series: How to Setup a LAMP Stack with MySQL HeatWave
Watch the Video: How to Setup a LAMP Stack with MySQL HeatWave
Learn about the new MySQL Shell for VS Code, making the full power of MySQL Shell - our advanced MySQL client for developers and DBAs - available directly inside Visual Studio Code.
Learn about the MySQL REST Service.
Download and get started with MySQL Workbench for SQL development, data modeling, administration, and data migration.
Explore the OCI Service Operator for Kubernetes to manage MySQL HeatWave using the Kubernetes API and tooling.
Read the MySQL HeatWave technical briefs.
Check out the latest MySQL blogs.