RTTS' QuerySurge Automates Data Testing
with MySQL Embedded as Powerful Backend

"MySQL is the engine that drives our business, handles computationally intensive queries, and performs all the testing in terms of executing tasks and producing valuable results for users. It's the engine that drives QuerySurge."

Joe Brandsdorfer,
Director of Operations,
Real-Time Technology Solutions


RTTS is a leading provider of software quality and testing solutions for critical business applications. Its QuerySurge division provides a solution to customers with a common problem: they were relying heavily on manual data warehouse-driven analyses to make their most critical business decisions, but they didn't know if the underlying data was valid.

The QuerySurge technology addresses the issue by automating data warehouse testing, management, scheduling, execution, analysis, and reporting. It compares datasets up to thousands of times faster than manual testing without any effect on data warehouse performance.

The key to QuerySurge's success has been the strategy to embed the MySQL database in its solution for the fast processing of the information underlying big data, data warehouses, extract-transform-load (ETL) projects, and other data sets critical to any organization.

Business Challenges & Goals

  • Automate the testing of data warehouses and big data schemes to reduce manual workload and risk for validating mass data.
  • Embed a high-performance database within the technology stack offered to customers for automating the validation and testing of data critical to their businesses.
  • Perform comparisons of very large data sets at high speed without impacting data warehouse performance.
  • Reduce costs by making available a backend database with small license fees for testing data warehouses, big data lakes, business intelligence reports, and enterprise applications.
  • Reduce testing cycles for data warehouse and ETL processes from hours and days to minutes.
  • Partner with a world-class database vendor for high performance, genuine credibility, and long-term business expansion.

Business Results & Metrics

  • Automated the testing of data warehouses and big data schemes by deploying MySQL Standard Edition as the backend for critical data sets, constantly assisting test and development teams in delivering accurate data.
  • Executed ultra-rapid data comparisons without impacting data warehouse performance by pulling all source and target data to the embedded MySQL database for processing, thereby increasing the speed of testing, reducing the cycle time and workload of testers, and delivering better quality of data.
  • Reduced to 10 minutes the time needed for comparing data sets of up to 500 million rows , with 10 columns per row, using the MySQL database server, a 1,000x decrease in testing time over manual methods.
  • Empowered test and development teams with a robust and reliable backend database for running very large queries on data streams critical to their organizations' success, thanks to MySQL's ability to process the totality of source and target data stores during testing.
  • Validated data sets containing tens of millions of rows and hundreds of columns in minutes, rather than days and hours, without any effect on data warehouse performance, by leveraging MySQL's backend role in automating the data testing of big data, data warehouses, and business reports.
  • Helped customers control costs by embedding MySQL Standard Edition in its testing package, without having to purchase expensive licenses or configure and manage the backend database using their DBAs.
  • Instilled confidence in customers requiring testing of critical data by using MySQL as a backend engine, which has recognized performance benchmarks such as the DB-Engines Database of the Year Award 2019 and is supported by the database expertise of the Oracle brand.
  • Mastered the compute-intensive nature of data warehouse and ETL testing through the high speed, performance, and ability of the MySQL 5.7 database engine to execute tests, perform data comparisons, and quickly show actionable results.
  • Provided global system integrators with the confidence to convince their clients to select the QuerySurge solution with embedded MySQL database as best-of-breed offering in the data validation and testing space.


"We selected the MySQL database to embed in our application right from the start based on its performance benchmarks, our team's open source expertise, the low cost, the Oracle branding and seamless integration with our technology stack," said Jeff Bocarsly, Chief Architect of QuerySurge.


RTTS started building QuerySurge in 2010 using the MySQL Community Edition and officially launched the application at Oracle Open World 2012. The company moved to MySQL Standard Edition in 2015 to benefit from greater performance and functionality. Since then it has successively upgrade to new versions and is currently on MySQL Standard Edition 5.7.24.

Future MySQL Products

RTTS is testing MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0 with a goal to benefit from greater performance and richer functionality. Its QuerySurge application has seen performance improvements with each new version of MySQL Standard Edition.

When moving from MySQL Standard Edition 5.5 to 5.7, RTTS achieved a 2.25x increase in query processing speed during performance benchmark tests, with greater CPU utilization, better random-access memory (RAM) utilization, and significantly less disk space required.

"Later MySQL versions consistently perform better than earlier versions. That's one of the main reasons why we're looking at MySQL Standard Edition 8.0," said Rachaud Evans, Director of Product Support, for the QuerySurge division.

About Real-Time Technology Solutions

Real-Time Technology Solutions, Inc. (RTTS), the developer of QuerySurge, is a pure play software and data quality organization specializing in test automation. Headquartered in New York, RTTS has had more than 1,000 successful engagements at over 700 corporations since 1996.

In 2019 RTTS was ranked #2 by softwaretestinghelp.com in the category 'The 10 Most Popular Managed Testing Service Providers' and QuerySurge was named on the annual list of 'Big Data 50-Companies Driving Innovation in 2019'.

To learn more about RTTS, please visit www.rttsweb.com.