MySQL Enterprise High Availability

High Availability with MySQL InnoDB Cluster

MySQL InnoDB Cluster delivers a complete high availability solution for MySQL. Each server in an InnoDB Cluster replicates data to all members of the cluster while providing fault tolerance, automated failover, and elasticity. MySQL InnoDB Cluster provides built-in group membership management, data consistency guarantees, node failure detection and database failover, without the need for manual intervention.

Disaster Recovery with MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet

MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet provides disaster tolerance for InnoDB Cluster deployments by linking a primary InnoDB Cluster with one or more replicas of itself in different datacenters. InnoDB ClusterSet automatically manages replication from the primary cluster to the replica clusters using a dedicated ClusterSet replication channel. If the primary cluster becomes unavailable due to the loss of the data center or the loss of network connectivity, you can make a replica cluster active instead to restore the availability of the service.

MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet provides disaster recovery for MySQL
MySQL InnoDB ClusterSet provides disaster recovery for MySQL.
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