Migrating from On-Premises MySQL to MySQL HeatWave

mercredi, 05 juillet 2023
Rubriques: Cloud

Join the session to see a demo on how easy it is to migrate from your on-premises MySQL database to MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud.

MySQL HeatWave is the only fully managed public cloud service to provide MySQL Enterprise Edition for the highest levels of MySQL security, reliability and uptime. It is 100% compatible with on-premises MySQL, allowing for a seamless transition to the public cloud or a hybrid cloud model. In addition, MySQL HeatWave delivers the simplicity of transactions, real-time analytics, and machine learning (ML) in one database service, eliminating the cost and complexity of separate analytics databases, ML services; and extract, transform, and load (ETL) duplication.

Migrating from older MySQL versions, which will soon be out of support, such as 5.7 or older will also be discussed in this webinar.

Take this opportunity to clarify your questions directly with MySQL experts!


  • Carsten Thalheimer, MySQL Master Principal Solution Engineer


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