Getting Started with MySQL in Abu Dhabi’s New Data Center

mardi, 08 février 2022
Rubriques: Cloud

A new Oracle data center was recently opened in Abu Dhabi. Now you can take advantage of 5400x performance increase at ½ the price over other cloud providers by leveraging MySQL Database Service and HeatWave on Oracle cloud.

In this webinar, the MySQL team will show how to setup a MySQL Database Service and HeatWave instance in Abu Dhabi‘s new data center.

You will learn how to:

  • Start using MySQL on Abu Dhabi's new Oracle data center.
  • Use MySQL for both OLTP and OLAP.
  • Avoid ETL and get real-time analytics.
  • Accelerate MySQL performance by orders of magnitude for analytics and mixed workloads.
  • Move your existing MySQL applications to Oracle Cloud.

Take this opportunity to join this webinar and ask your questions live to the MySQL team!


  • Abdullah Zarour, MySQL Principal Solution Engineer


mar., 08 févr.: 02:00 Pacific time (America)
mar., 08 févr.: 03:00 Mountain time (America)
mar., 08 févr.: 04:00 Central time (America)
mar., 08 févr.: 05:00 Eastern time (America)
mar., 08 févr.: 07:00 São Paulo time
mar., 08 févr.: 10:00 UTC
mar., 08 févr.: 10:00 Western European time
mar., 08 févr.: 11:00 Central European time
mar., 08 févr.: 12:00 Eastern European time
mar., 08 févr.: 15:30 India, Sri Lanka
mar., 08 févr.: 17:00 Indonesia Western Time
mar., 08 févr.: 18:00 Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines time
mar., 08 févr.: 18:00 China time
mar., 08 févr.: 19:00 日本
mar., 08 févr.: 21:00 NSW, ACT, Victoria, Tasmania (Australia)

Présentation de 60 minutes suivie par questions/réponses.


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