MySQL News Announcements

Oracle Continues MySQL HeatWave Innovation with Vector Store and New Generative AI Capabilities

20 September 2023 — Oracle today announced significant enhancements to MySQL HeatWave, including support for vector store, generative AI, new in-database machine learning features, MySQL Autopilot enhancements, new HeatWave Lakehouse capabilities, support for JavaScript, acceleration of JSON queries, and support for new analytic operators. The vector store will enable customers to leverage the power of large language models (LLMs) with their proprietary data to get answers that are more accurate than using models which have been trained on public data only.

Oracle Announces the General Availability of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse

20 July 2023 — Oracle today announced the general availability of MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse, delivering an industry first by enabling customers to query data in object storage as fast as querying data inside the database. MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse supports a variety of object store file formats such as CSV, Parquet, and export files from other databases, and can combine object storage file data and MySQL database transactional data together in the same query.