Beezz Helps Solve IoT Security Threats
with MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition

"MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition is a true carrier grade database, exactly what we need for our telco and enterprise clients. It gives us redundancy through the active-active replication with no single point of failure, high performance for maximum uptime, and full support from a world-class vendor. I don’t think there is any other solution even standing close to MySQL Cluster."

Denis Jdanov,
CIO and Co-founder, Beezz


Beezz offers a security solution created specifically to protect against the new and growing vulnerabilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) universe. Its applications are designed for the vast range of companies which rely on IoT devices to capture data and bill for services. Other customers include manufacturers or users of point-of-sale card readers as well as fleet and container asset tracking operations or utilities, which switch meter readers to SIM cards for automatic billing.

Utilizing proprietary technology and advanced algorithms, the company's solution seeks to simplify and unify the complex and often inefficient IoT security process by providing one solution for all devices, operators, and threats. To optimize the performance of its offerings, the company needed a carrier grade database to power the application, providing maximum uptime and security to a vast range of connected devices.

Business Challenges & Goals

  • Gain the ability to process large volumes of transactions from IoT devices in real time.
  • Ensure data integrity and maximum uptime for end users of IoT security applications.
  • Adopt clustering in order to guarantee data redundancy and 99.9999% availability.
  • Embed a carrier grade database into security solutions of telco operator IoT devices and other industry customers.
  • Build trust by entering into binding service-level agreements for guaranteeing protection against fraud or data leakage in the growing IoT universe.

Business Results & Metrics

  • Achieved nonstop connectivity for end users by adopting MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition as the mobile core network database inside customers' IoT security applications across data collection, utilities, telecom, banking, fleet management and other industry verticals.
  • Established fail-safe redundancy and synchronization between data centers by using the active-active replication capabilities of the clustered database, providing customers with enhanced security, availability, and backup of mission-critical applications.
  • Gained performance through ability to query backend data nodes directly via the MySQL NDB in-memory storage engine, originally designed for the high availability and high performance requirements of the telecommunications market.
  • Fulfilled IoT customer requirements for real-time processing of huge amounts of transactions containing data from connected devices due to the encrypted connections and high availability of MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition as the embedded database for fraud detection solutions.
  • Consolidated its market-leading position as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator by using MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition as a carrier grade database for managing fraud and revenue leakage detection in the sphere of IoT devices.
  • Grew the customer base through MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition's hybrid capability to be deployed for large-scale on-premises installations or for small and medium company access through a shared private cloud infrastructure.
  • Strengthened commercial operations by offering robust service-level agreements backed by Oracle Premier Support, affording a continuously updated knowledge base and guaranteeing maximum uptime to end users of the IoT security solution.
  • Provided 99.9999% availability of security applications through the unique features of MySQL clustering, including server upgrades with no downtime, automatic conflict resolution, enhanced speed and redundancy of MySQL NDB multi-replication.
  • Boosted confidence by the backup and recovery capabilities of MySQL NDB cluster, restoring deleted databases within half an hour.

Why MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition

"We chose MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition because it is open source, stable, resilient, scalable and, above all, truly telco carrier grade. It gives great performance, invaluable active-active replication, powerful backup and restore, in addition to first-class support from Oracle."

– Denis Jdanov, CIO and Co-founder, Beezz


In 2018, Beezz, implemented MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition 7.6 in two data centers, assisted by MySQL Support and Oracle Premier Support. Beezz uses MySQL's native master-master replication capabilities to provide simultaneous updates while preserving data integrity and employs hypervisor for distributing the software to several virtual machines.

Today, Beezz is leveraging the advanced MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition multi-master replication. It helps the company succeed in the IoT security space due to the superior performance and availability resulting from bi-directional replication between two or more clusters.

Beezz is testing MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition 8.0 for a future migration and is also in the process of becoming an official Oracle partner in Israel.

About Beezz

Beezz was founded in 2013 by a team of cyber security and telecommunications experts. The founding team was responsible for building the Israeli army's closed network environments, as well as developing main Israeli and international cellular operators. Recognizing the growing cyber security threat, they focused their commercial strategy on developing solutions aimed at preventing fraud, data leakage, and other threats that users face in the rapidly expanding IoT domain.

Beezz is the first security solution specifically built to protect against the new and growing IoT vulnerabilities. Based in Israel, it currently serves clients in seven countries.

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