MySQL HeatWave: Faster than Amazon Aurora and Snowflake 

MySQL HeatWave is faster and less expensive, as demonstrated by multiple standard industry benchmarks, including TPC-H, TPC-DS, and CH-benCHmark.

MySQL HeatWave vs. Amazon Aurora: 4TB

MySQL HeatWave Benchmarks Aurora

MySQL HeatWave vs. Snowflake: 10TB

MySQL HeatWave Benchmarks Snowflake

Analytics: Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Azure Synapse, and Amazon Aurora are slower and more expensive

  • Snowflake: 3.3X slower; 8X more expensive
  • Amazon Redshift with AQUA: 4.2X slower; 5X more expensive
  • Google BigQuery: 5.6X slower; 5X more expensive
  • Azure Synapse: 3X slower; 5X more expensive
  • Amazon Aurora: 1400X slower; 2X more expensive

All the benchmarks are open source and available on GitHub.

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