MySQL Commercial Repository

The MySQL Commercial Repository for MySQL Enterprise Edition leverages MySQL package management solutions and provides an efficient, controlled, and convenient method to automate MySQL Enterprise Edition product installation and deployment.

This is especially helpful when:

  • MySQL servers are on an internal, corporate network without Internet access.
  • Operations staff need to tightly control MySQL server deployment.

The Commercial Repository is a set of ready to use archive files of all the MySQL installation packages and versions. These archives are structured so you can setup your own custom MySQL software repositories, providing in-house access where you control versioning and upgrades. And, it just takes 3 easy steps:

  1. Download the archive files for YUM or APT packages
    • Choose the versions you want deployed.
  2. Extract and Prepare
    • Unarchive the packages into the proper repository directories and files.
    • To upgrade, simply pull the latest version you want and expand.
  3. Create the repository
    • Setup the repository in a few steps and its ready to go.

The MySQL Commercial Repository is available for MySQL Enterprise Edition customers from My Oracle Support. Learn More »