Single Database for OLTP and OLAP

  • Native, real-time analytics
  • Single database service for OLTP and OLAP
  • Eliminate separate analytics databases
  • Eliminate the cost, complexity, and risk of ETL

AutoPilot for ML Automation

  • Auto provisioning
  • Auto data loading
  • Auto query improvement
  • Auto error recovery

Faster Performance

  • 5400x Faster than Amazon RDS
  • 1400x Faster than Amazon Aurora
  • 6.5x Faster than Amazon Redshift AQUA
  • 7x Faster than Snowflake

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • 2/3 the cost of Amazon RDS
  • 1/2 the cost of Amazon Aurora
  • 1/2 the cost of Amazon Redshift AQUA
  • 1/5 the cost of Snowflake