MySQL HeatWave

Single Database for OLTP, OLAP, ML, and Lakehouse

  • Native, real-time analytics
  • Single database service for OLTP, OLAP, ML, and Lakehouse
  • Eliminate separate analytics databases and ML services
  • Eliminate the cost, complexity, and risk of ETL

HeatWave AutoML

  • Native, In-Database Machine Learning
  • Build ML Models using SQL Commands
  • Automate the ML Lifecycle
  • 25x Faster than Redshift ML

MySQL HeatWave Lakehouse

  • 500 TB of Data, MySQL syntax
  • Query Data in MySQL and Object Store
  • 17X Faster than Snowflake
  • 9X Faster than Amazon Redshift

Faster Performance

  • 5400x Faster than Amazon RDS
  • 1400x Faster than Amazon Aurora
  • 4.2x faster than Amazon Redshift
  • 3.3x faster than Snowflake

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • 2/3 the cost of Amazon RDS
  • 1/2 the cost of Amazon Aurora
  • 1/5 the cost of Amazon Redshift
  • 1/8 the cost of Snowflake


  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure