TOFFS Technologies

TOFFS Technologies Boosts Efficiency by 50%
with MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud

"Our network team checks how our suppliers are performing every five minutes to half an hour. The results show that OCI has very good connectivity, not only in Japan and South Korea but also in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Singapore."

Philip Chua
Director and Cofounder (Operations)
TOFFS Technologies

The Asia Pacific leader in secure content delivery networks improves efficiencies, cuts costs, and finds opportunities to innovate with Oracle Cloud.

Business Challenges

TOFFS Technologies is a Singapore-based content delivery network (CDN) provider cofounded by former Akamai executive Philip Chua. The company also helps businesses guard against distributed denial-of-service attacks, focusing specifically on DDoS protection at edge computing locations.

Recently, TOFFS Technologies received a grant from AI Singapore's 100 Experiments program to find new ways to combat these threats - a challenge because hackers can change their attack vectors. In order to provide protection, network configurations need to be changed frequently.

The company wanted to use machine learning to ensure it could monitor real-time attacks and change network configurations on the fly, making it more intelligent and resilient against cyberattacks. In order to enable that, the company needed extensive agility, availability, and flexibility. Additionally, CDNs by their nature require significant investment in cloud, data center, and edge infrastructure, which provide cost-effective low latency. That's why TOFFS Technologies leans on 30 data centers from local and global cloud providers to deliver CDN services across regions.

But that wasn't enough. The company considered more robust and intelligent infrastructure solutions that future-proof the company and enable long-term growth.

Why TOFFS Technologies Chose MySQL?

Moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) wasn't a hard decision to make. While OCI stood out from a return-on-investment perspective, the company knew that Oracle's enterprise-class support would help minimize network downtime and latency that could affect its customers' businesses.

Apart from low latency and reliable connectivity, the company wanted to take advantage of OCI to conduct real-time analysis of cyberthreats, and in the long term, support the company's growth.

That's why the company migrated back-end processes such as log consolidation, as well as its master database, from Alibaba Cloud and AWS to OCI MySQL Database.


The move to OCI and Oracle MySQL Database Service has resulted in 50% cost savings, a 35% performance improvement, and 50% enhanced operational efficiency. OCI has also opened up new opportunities. For example, in order to improve the latency of resource-intensive applications that require constant back-and-forth between servers and client machines, TOFFS Technologies has been experimenting with using business and home networks as CDNs.

The company is also working with Oracle on an infrastructure and platform stack to make CDN and infrastructure services available to data center co-location providers, which can then resell the services as a white-label offering.