Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems Boosts Analytics Performance by 10X
with MySQL HeatWave

"MySQL HeatWave, with its native auto-healing and auto-scaling, together with Oracle Analytics Cloud, enabled us to offer customers a high-performance analytical package at low cost. It provides a complete solution, with dashboards that display real-time data from multiple sources through Oracle Integration Cloud."

Abhijit Ramachandran
Delivery Manager for Oracle Enterprise Solution
Aspire Systems Consulting PTE Ltd.

Singapore-based systems integrator delivers powerful analytics by using MySQL Heatwave, Oracle Analytics Cloud, and Oracle Integration Cloud.

Introduction & Background

Aspire Systems is a global technology services firm based in Singapore. It is a trusted technology partner for enterprises and independent software vendors in areas such as infrastructure and application support, data and analytics, and cloud transformation. Aspire Systems is an Oracle Platinum Partner, specializing in Oracle applications and databases.

Business Challenges & Goals

Previously, Aspire Systems offered customers a platform for analytics, delivering an on-premises MySQL database linked to business intelligence tools and using Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) to gather data for analysis.

With businesses challenged to drill into real-time data for meaningful analytics, Aspire needed more performance and a simplified platform. It needed a single solution that provided: a database, online transaction processing (OLTP), online analytical processing (OLAP). It also needed tools for integration and analytics. It turned to Oracle for a single Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution to meet customer demand for dashboards reflecting current data.

MySQL HeatWave provided a single solution for OLTP and OLAP, with Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud delivering the additional capabilities.

Business Results & Metrics

With OCI, Aspire Systems now offers its customers a PaaS analytics solution consisting of MySQL HeatWave as the database and object-based storage, Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) for combining data sources, and Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) for real-time data visualization.

The new platform running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has improved performance by 10X, resulting in analytical dashboards loading at least 10X faster.

By migrating to MySQL HeatWave, query execution time for one retail customer’s 10-year sales data improved by 17X (from 11.2 seconds to 0.6324 seconds). Query processing performance soared because MySQL HeatWave acts as a single database for both OLTP and OLAP, eliminating the need for ETL.

By discarding the expensive building blocks of earlier offerings, Aspire Systems has reduced costs by at least 50%. In turn, the PaaS solution gives customers faster and more reliable analytics.

The integrated package of MySQL HeatWave, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC), and Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) provides a single cloud platform for rapidly visualizing business performance and making strategic decisions while lowering total cost of ownership for customers.

With Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud, customers no longer need to warehouse data from multiple sources for querying with third-party business intelligence tools. Oracle Analytics Cloud, with its integration of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), brings 360-degree analysis of customer and sales data integrated from multiple source systems through Oracle Integration Cloud.

Oracle Integration Cloud connected to MySQL HeatWave pulls data in real time from corporate systems for making critical decisions, providing clients with far greater value over previous ETL processes yielding only periodic updates that quickly become outdated.

MySQL Autopilot also uses machine learning to automate MySQL HeatWave, further improving performance and scalability—saving both developers and database administrators considerable time.

Why MySQL HeatWave?

Aspire Systems was looking for a solution to improve performance, increase security, simplify operations, and lower costs. After a proof of concept to develop dashboards with Oracle Analytics Cloud, it decided to select MySQL HeatWave on OCI for its analytics platform development strategy.

MySQL HeatWave eliminated the need to use ETL between OLTP and OLAP systems, increased performance by 10X. Together with Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Integration Cloud, it is now Aspire Systems’ flagship analytics platform.

“MySQL HeatWave is catching on much faster than other technologies and has proved to be a winner with customers in need of real-time analytics for supporting their business strategies,” said Abhijit Ramachandran.


As an Oracle Platinum Partner for over 10 years, with an Oracle practice of 300 consultants that have completed more than 100 Oracle implementations, Aspire Systems collaborates with Oracle Support Services to further develop the MySQL HeatWave analytics platform. Together, the two partners are rolling out go-to-market campaigns and strategies—backed by demos, blogs, joint webinars, and other sales collateral.

Next Steps

Aspire Systems’ roadmap includes creating machine learning (ML) models for MySQL HeatWave to be deployed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. At the same time, the company is developing MySQL-based data models for industries such as healthcare, education, and retail, to be replicated in the future to multiple other industry verticals.