tilyanPristka Transforms Business Process Outsourcing Excellence
with MySQL HeatWave

"MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud has greatly enhanced the performance of our BPO web application, and cut our query run time by 35%. We have also improved data protection, disaster recovery, and compliance, all while reducing costs, which enables us to deliver better value for our clients."

Imagonti Willy
Chief Executive Officer
PT Tilyanpristka

Indonesian BPO specialist boosted service levels and competitiveness by deploying MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Introduction & Background

tilyanPristka is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company that offers payroll and accounting business services, human capital solutions, and business technology to small and medium-sized companies, as well as enterprise firms worldwide.

Founded in late 2004, the company initially focused on providing payroll and back-office BPO services. However, in 2012, it embarked on a digital transformation journey and introduced a private data center for its clients. Subsequently, in 2018, tilyanPristka became a member of Santa Fe Associates International (SFAI).

In 2019, tilyanPristka expanded its offerings to include digital client platform as add-on product inside their BPO services, which enables clients to access BPO activities efficiently.

Business Challenges & Goals

tilyanPristka began its digital business operations using FireBird, followed by the MySQL Community version. However, with the company’s growth and the diversification of its digital services, this setup became too costly, complex, and time-consuming for its IT team to manage. This was worsened by the financial impact the business suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Subsequently, the company migrated its MySQL Community database to a third-party public cloud infrastructure provider. However, the performance of its business-critical client platform, xFTR (Extender Financial Transaction Recordings), fell below expectations. Additionally, it did not receive the required technical support to maintain and enhance its business operations.

The BPO firm also needed to improve its IT security and disaster recovery systems to address client concerns regarding data availability and protection.

Business Results & Metrics

tilyanPristka increased competitiveness, reduced IT costs, and boosted operational efficiencies using MySQL HeatWave on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for its flagship BPO client portal and internal business applications.

Database and application performance improved significantly. Employees and clients can now access web applications much faster, while query run time has been reduced by 35%. “We get better performance on OCI in Singapore than we did from other private or public cloud infrastructures in Indonesia,” declared Imagonti Willy.

tilyanPristka substantially reduced total cost of ownership compared to its previous on-premises arrangement, enabling the company to pass on savings to clients and increase market competitiveness. Electricity costs have been slashed, while infrastructure maintenance costs have been virtually eliminated.

“What’s great is that we only pay for what we use, and it’s also much cheaper and faster to scale our database infrastructure according to our business needs. Additionally, what we are currently paying for a high-availability solution is considerably lower than having several on-premises or co-located servers,” said Imagonti Willy.

Because the Oracle Cloud is fully compliant with a range of local and international data regulations in the finance industry, including standards from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), tilyanPristka has gained more trust and credibility in the marketplace. It can now approach clients confidently and direct them to OCI’s compliance and security standards instead of explaining that its servers are located in its offices without infrastructure certification.

The company significantly increased the business value of its small IT team, as it no longer needs to spend time and effort maintaining on-premises database infrastructure for its BPO portal and internal applications. This used to involve separate machines for the web server, database, and firewall. Now, all components run on a single, more manageable Oracle Cloud platform, which includes MySQL HeatWave, Oracle Web Application Firewall, Oracle Load Balancer, and Oracle Domain Name Server (DNS). This enables the team to focus more on business strategy and developing BPO solutions for clients.

tilyanPristka achieved a successful and rapid implementation by working closely with the MySQL and Oracle support teams, which assisted the company with migration and accelerated the IT team’s learning curve. “The support is amazing and vastly superior to AWS. It is fast, direct, and always available, with Zoom calls and remote desktop support to solve any problem. I have never experienced support like this before,” mentioned Imagonti Willy.

Oracle and MySQL support were also instrumental in implementing an enhanced disaster recovery (DR) setup for tilyanPristka. This setup includes failover and backup sites in Singapore, Tokyo, Zurich, and Chile to safeguard business continuity for its global clients. The Oracle Singapore team even arranged a support session on the weekend to ensure completion of the DR procedure according to the company’s schedule.

Why MySQL HeatWave?

tilyanPristka needed a database and infrastructure partner it could rely on for its mission-critical web application and selected MySQL HeatWave on OCI because it demonstrated the best price-performance ratio, surpassing AWS, Ali Cloud, and Azure.

The company was particularly impressed with the high level of support offered by MySQL and Oracle, which would be crucial not only for a successful database migration but also for setting up a DR solution across multiple regions.

“MySQL HeatWave, Oracle Cloud, and especially the dedicated support we’ve received have been astonishing. After this great experience, I don’t even want to compare other vendors’ products anymore as we will definitely be sticking with Oracle,” Imagonti Willy said.

Next Steps

tilyanPristka will explore MySQL HeatWave’s analytics capabilities to leverage historical business data for budget creation and financial projections.