TMON Builds Korea's Number One Online Malling Platform
on MySQL Enterprise Edition

"We have been providing reliable service to our customers since the day TMON went live with MySQL Enterprise Edition. Customers are able to make purchases on TMON from anywhere anytime, which increases their satisfaction and boosts our sales figures. We will continue to invest in MySQL by building an IT infrastructure that improves system stability and reduces total cost of ownership. With MySQL as a backbone, TMON aims at becoming a role model for the social commerce industry."

Kwangjin Gan
Team Leader of Infra team,
TMON Co.,Ltd.


TMON is the first Korean social commerce company that has become a leader in the country's e-commerce industry through innovation and customer orientation. TMON launches new products on an hourly basis. In June 2019, it ranked #1 among Korean online shopping channels based on several performance indicators, such as time customers spend on the website and customer loyalty.

TMON was the first company in Korea to introduce an e-commerce application for mobile devices. Today, 80% of transactions on the company's platform are completed on mobile devices, unparalleled among the country's e-commerce channels.

The TMON malling platform runs on more than 100 databases of MySQL Enterprise Edition 5.6 and 5.7.

Business Challenges & Goals

  • Avoid any scheduled downtime that previously required monthly changes to databases and system.
  • Provide customers with the most reliable online shopping system by ensuring IT infrastructure stability, including real-time monitoring of database status such as SQL operations and replication delays.
  • Implement efficient and reliable backup and recovery solution to ensure that all operational and financial data are available even in case of a system failure.
  • Offer on-demand database scalability to manage the explosive growth of data generated by the e-commerce platform.
  • Get access to expert support and assistance for system recovery in the event of a system failure, downtime, or performance problem.

Business Results & Metrics

  • TMON's "OOO Project", successfully completed the implementation with the introduction of MySQL Enterprise Edition geared towards maintaining 99.999% database availability allowing customers to make purchases on the e-commerce platform 24x7, 365 days per year.
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition scales to the growing workload by deploying a redundant system consisting of two source servers and two replica servers. Seamless failover is available in the event of a failure of a specific database, ensuring the continuity of online services without any downtime, thereby improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales.
  • Stable system performance is guaranteed in case of an explosive user base growth, due to MySQL Enterprise Edition effective use of the existing hardware and CPU resources.
  • With MySQL Enterprise Backup, TMON efficiently creates online backups and provides for reliable point-in-time recovery for restoring data at the time of a crash.
  • The MySQL Enterprise Monitor delivers an accurate view of the system's health and helps TMON's database administrators identify potential errors before the occurrence. The accuracy of the price information displayed on the TMON's website can be increased by monitoring whether the replication between the source server and the replica server has been updated in real time.
  • TMON leverages the MySQL Enterprise Edition scale-out feature to distribute large amounts of data from each task within a single database, including orders, sales, logistics, and membership information. This prevents data interference for each task and increases data management reliability and efficiency.
  • With Oracle Premier Support, TMON has a quick and easy access to the industry's most knowledgeable MySQL experts who provide full assistance with upgrades, infrastructure patches, and offer real-time support in the event of a database failure.

Why MySQL Enterprise Edition?

TMON initially used MariaDB and the MySQL Community Edition for many of its online services. After comparing it with other open source databases, TMON selected MySQL Enterprise Edition due to its technical performance and support.

"We highly regard MySQL Enterprise Edition for its stability and scalability. The low price of introduction and maintenance led to a significant reduction in our total cost of IT ownership. And Oracle Premier Support helps us keeping systems stable and performant," said Kwangjin Gan, Team Leader of Infra team, TMON Co.,Ltd.


In 2010, TMON built the first social commerce site in Korea on the MySQL Community Edition, called Ticket Monster. In 2011, within two years of launching the mobile TMON app, the company had surpassed $89 million in monthly transactions. In 2016, TMON moved to MySQL Enterprise Edition 5.6 through the Core System Rolling Upgrade.

Future MySQL Products

TMON is actively considering the upgrade to MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0, since among other things, the company wishes to leverage the multi-source replication feature. The project, which integrates data distribution, will strengthen TMON's human capital management and internal settlements.

About TMON

TMON, founded in May 2010 as Korea's first social commerce company, started as a digital service provider of discounts at the local restaurants. From 2011 to 2017, the company has helped businesses achieve an average annual transaction growth of 50% on its respective marketplace.

TMON aims to become Korea's #1 lifestyle commerce company by developing and offering innovative products and services that consist of various categories like fashion, beauty, family, and travel.

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