Noorisys Technologies

Noorisys Technologies migrates
from AWS EC2 to MySQL HeatWave

"MySQL HeatWave improved the performance and scalabilty of our SaaS applications. The service made it easy to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA). As opposed to Amazon Web Services, there is no downtime in case of a server upgrade or downgrade. And we have access to Oracle Premier Support which is highly valuable for us."

Mohammed Imran Tabani
Owner & Director
Noorisys Technologies

IT solutions company deploys MySQL HeatWave for improved performance, security, availability, lower costs, and 24/7 support.

Introduction & Background

Noorisys Technologies, founded in 2011 in India, provides software development services and IT solutions from small entrepreneurial projects to complex systems. The company's portfolio covers a broad range of customized desktop and mobile applications for the healthcare, automotive, communications, insurance, hospitality, travel, as well as oil and gas industries, including support and maintenance of the deployed applications.

Business Challenges & Goals

Noorisys required an enterprise-grade database solution to expand its services internationally. The company had developed its core application on top of MySQL Database Community Edition but needed a cloud-based solution to overcome limitations in scaling its service delivery.

In an effort to serve its customer FasterChecks - which provides UK citizens with a digital COVID self-testing platform for travel purposes - Noorisys required a robust, secure database backed by 24/7 support to manage heavy workloads of patient data.

High availability together with improved performance and round-the-clock database monitoring were Noorisys' main goals when searching for a cost-effective solution to support FasterChecks.

Ultimately, the company had to meet the requirements of the UK Governments' General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA), ensuring that customer data are safe, compliant, and stored inside the country.

Business Results & Metrics

The upgrade to MySQL HeatWave enabled Noorisys to benefit from always-on security inherent to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The company leveraged the high availability, high performance, and on-demand scalability of MySQL HeatWave to expand internationally. To support its future growth, Noorisys relies on Oracle as an integrated technology stack vendor.

With MySQL HeatWave, the company substantially increased its agility to serve customers. Moving its systems from AWS to OCI, Noorisys is now able to add or reduce compute instances without changing IP addresses, which previously involved downtimes of up to 48 hours - while any new server configuration is active within five minutes on OCI.

Noorisys gained the ability to offer more than just application development. With MySQL HeatWave, the company now delivers secure and cost-effective data management and storage services to customers.

The real-time monitoring of security threats coupled with 24/7 Oracle Premier Support helped Noorisys reallocate IT staff towards value-adding business tasks such as web and application development.

Noorisys benefits from on-demand scalability and fast provisioning of MySQL HeatWave database instances. "Previously, we couldn't handle projects beyond IT management because we were occupied with the database and the server. Since we run MySQL HeatWave, we spend only one hour per day to check Firewall, records, and logs, which gives us plenty of time to develop the business," says Mohammed Imran Tabani.

Running MySQL HeatWave on OCI, Noorisys can count on fixed low costs and predictable budgets, thanks to Oracle Universal Credits. "It's almost half of what I was paying for AWS," comments Mohammed Imran Tabani.

Why MySQL HeatWave

After a careful evaluation process which included AWS and MySQL HeatWave, Noorisys chose the latter to benefit from significant cost savings, as well as industry' best database performance. MySQL HeatWave was also Noorisys' preferred solution to optimally serve their needs by offering an advanced set of database features, management tools, and 24/7 technical support.


The migration from MySQL Database Community Edition to MySQL HeatWave took just a few minutes. The initial testing phase included 200,000 users per second and presented no issues, with the solution when it went live.

Leveraging Oracle Premier Support, Noorisys was able to fully grasp the load balancer configuration, the auto scalable feature of the server, and how the pay-as-you-go pricing scheme works. "We are very thankful to Oracle Premier Support for guiding our development team towards the optimal server configuration," said Mohammed Imran Tabani.