Mobitel Achieves Optimum Price-Performance Ratio
for Tier-2 Applications

"MySQL has brought much easier administration, performance benefits and scalability to our system databases and it has significantly made our day-to-day operations smooth and easier."

Pubudu Attygalla
Senior Administrator – Database & Middleware
Mobitel (Private) Limited


Mobitel is Sri Lanka's leading mobile communications provider with a subscriber base of more than 5 million. The company runs tier-1 applications such as the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) gateway-which ensures that cellular phones communicate with the company's servers-on Oracle and Informix databases. It uses MySQL Enterprise Edition Subscription 5.5 for tier-2 applications such as corporate E-billing and applications for partners and customers, which cover everything from prepaid service activations/deactivations to monitoring child access to communications services.

Business Challenges & Goals

  • Ensure 24/7 availability and high performance for databases running tier-2 applications
  • Achieve an optimum cost-performance ratio without oversizing databases
  • Gain access to professional database support to troubleshoot any issue in the shortest time possible
  • Provide seamless database scalability to cope with forecasted subscriber growth

Business Results & Metrics

  • Achieved high performance and 24/7 availability for tier-2 applications without facing a single issue since deploying MySQL Enterprise Edition Subscription 5.5
  • Ensured business continuity by gaining the ability to troubleshoot database issues much faster using Oracle Premier Support, considered as highly efficient by the company's support users
  • Eased database administration and training, and achieved the best cost-performance ratio for meeting the demand of Mobitel's tier-2 applications by using MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • Ensured that increasing numbers of users, queries, and workloads can be met by leveraging MySQL Enterprise Scalability
  • Optimized memory management for MySQL databases holding more than 1 terabyte of commercial data to maintain smooth operation of the company's critical applications

Why MySQL Enterprise Edition

Before launching commercial services, Mobitel used the MySQL Community version for development and testing. When choosing the right database for its tier-2 applications, Mobitel considered EnterpriseDB and Oracle Database but decided on MySQL Enterprise Edition for its superior price-performance ratio and ease of administration.

"MySQL has a very low level of complexity, yet still offers a wide range of database features and options. We can provision a database for developers in no time compared to other databases. Routine admin tasks are straightforward and any member in our DBA team can pitch in quickly to administrate MySQL databases. It is so flexible and also delivers a reduced total cost of ownership," said Indika Alahapperuma, IT Administration, Mobitel (Private) Limited.


Mobitel worked with Millennium, an Oracle Platinum Partner, to deploy the solution in 2016. Running its own datacenters in Colombo, Mobitel opted for a source-replica configuration with one node in the primary site and the second node in a disaster recovery site. The disaster recovery site will be completed during the course of this year.

Mobitel is currently preparing to upgrade to MySQL Enterprise Edition 8.0 and MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition 8.0 to use advanced features such as MySQL InnoDB Cluster, MySQL Enterprise Monitor, and MySQL Enterprise Backup.

About Mobitel

Mobitel bridges the digital divide in Sri Lanka by delivering the latest mobile communications technologies to both residential and business customers. The company operates 3,500 base stations across the island and is currently adding another 1,800 stations to achieve 100% population coverage, currently serving 5 million subscribers. With an overall investment of more than US$ 500 million to date, Mobitel is contributing to Sri Lanka's transformation into the 'Wonder of Asia'.

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