Isibet Achieves 24/7 Uptime
with High Availability MySQL Enterprise

"MySQL Enterprise Edition provided the robustness we needed in terms of availability and scalability and enabled us to move from a source-replica environment to the automatic routing of InnoDB Cluster. We now ensure round-the-clock online gaming and betting with fast backup, as well as excellent performance monitoring and query analysis capabilities."

Leonardo Tarabusi
IT Manager, Isibet Srl


Isibet is a government-approved license holder for the distribution of gambling and betting games in Italy, both in stores and online. The company develops its own betting software and provides service and connectivity to 50 other license holders which operate physical stores and online sites. Since inception in 2007, Isibet adopted MySQL Enterprise Edition for building its web applications.

When a new round of Italian gaming licenses opened in 2018, Isibet realized it would need to provide greater performance from its gaming technology and decided to upgrade to a high availability architecture.


  • Ensure 24/7 availability of online betting platforms in order to acquire and retain more players
  • Handle thousands of betting transactions per second while ensuring zero downtime
  • Adopt an infrastructure capable of scaling easily and cost effectively to millions of users of online betting platforms
  • Overcome performance bottlenecks to ensure zero delay in online betting queries and keep online gamblers engaged


  • Implemented MySQL InnoDB Cluster as a high availability solution for ever increasing amounts of users, queries, and data loads with automatic failover-ensuring round-the-clock betting with no downtime for both Isibet and 50 connected gambling and betting operators throughout Italy
  • Increased processing performance with the new cluster technology within MySQL Enterprise Edition, empowering Isibet to handle 2,000 online betting transactions per second
  • Enabled frequent creation and tracking of hot, fast, compressed, incremental, and differential backups using MySQL Enterprise Backup, which reduced backup time by a factor of 24 - from 8 hours to 20 minutes - for the 300 gigabyte production database and the 600 gigabyte data warehouse
  • Gained flexibility to maintain peak performance for highly volatile and unpredictable surges in player volumes through frequent daily backups, ensuring 24/7 uptime for millions of online betting transactions per day
  • Improved customer experience by delivering betting applications continuously through the MySQL InnoDB Cluster fault tolerant database-delivering 100% uptime for online gamblers who expect every request to be handled in milliseconds
  • Enjoyed automatic routing of queries to the best available node with MySQL Router, providing high availability and keeping gamblers online by performing reads and writes with no perceptible delay
  • Guaranteed maximum availability of unlimited concurrent gambling and betting using MySQL Enterprise Monitor as a dashboard for continuously monitoring and improving the performance of queries and related metrics
  • Enhanced MySQL InnoDB performance through the ability of MySQL Query Analyzer to take action on lengthy write or read queries or heavy network traffic-eliminating lags or delays, keeping players engaged, playing longer, and spending more
  • Used MySQL Enterprise Audit for control over access to critical resources through policy-based auditing compliance, improving user activity logging as well as credit verification and money transfer authorization

Why Oracle

"We upgraded to MySQL InnoDB with no need to screen the market because were satisfied with MySQL Enterprise Edition from the start. MySQL is our choice of database because we consider it superior to its competitors", said Leonardo Tarabusi.


"First we migrated from MySQL release 5.5 to release 5.7 to benefit from the new features within InnoDB Cluster and make sure that the very many applications transitioned smoothly. To configure everything then only took minutes. With best practice assistance from Oracle Premier Support, we went live successfully - on time and within budget", said Leonardo Tarabusi.