Great HealthWorks

Great HealthWorks Improves Reliability by migrating from MariaDB
to MySQL Enterprise Edition

"MySQL Enterprise Edition opened up many possibilities that we didn't have with MariaDB. The monitoring feature alone has been extremely helpful. We are also very happy with the support that we received from Oracle. We got immediate help whenever we had something to resolve."

Richard Jans
Database Administrator
Great HealthWorks

Food supplement brand migrates from MariaDB to MySQL Enterprise Edition for enhanced database monitoring and 24/7 premium support.

Introduction & Background

Great HealthWorks is direct response marketing company providing self-care and wellness solutions to people since 2003. Its product portfolio includes a wide range of natural supplements backed by years of clinical research that help promote joint and muscle health, contribute to digestive support, and address immunity issues.

Business Challenges & Goals

MariaDB Galera Cluster was unstable and did not meet the requirements for stability and regular monthly backups. Great HealthWorks also required the ability to monitor its databases round the clock, ensuring that their order management system for fulfilling customers' supplement subscriptions runs flawlessly. Great HealthWorks made it a top priority to find an alternative solution.

Additionally, it was paramount for Great HealthWorks to have access to premium support for achieving the highest level of stability and uptime in running its data-reliant application.

Business Results & Metrics

After the deployment of MySQL Enterprise Monitoring, Great HealthWorks went from zero monitoring to preventively detecting issues such as the improperly sized InnoDB log files. MySQL advisors helped point out issues in real time and made recommendations to improve database performance. "We love MySQL Enterprise Monitoring. It's by far the best monitoring tool for the MySQL database." Richard Jans comments.

From a business perspective, the stability and reliability of MySQL Enterprise Edition helped Great HealthWorks ensure a smooth-running order management system and guarantee business continuity. The company's DBA's now have more time for value-adding tasks since MySQL Enterprise Edition's advanced security features contribute to maintaining data integrity.

Leveraging 24/7 assistance from Oracle Premier Support, Great HealthWorks was able to receive real-time assistance on bug fixes, patches, and updates to achieve optimum database reliability and application uptime. In response to a problem posed by the company's order management system during the test migration of the database, Great HealthWorks worked with Oracle Premier Support to properly configure its servers.

Great HealthWorks is now looking to gain a consolidated view of its query activities through MySQL Query Analyzer, enabling DBAs to easily identify requests that impact application performance. "To have a visual overview of what's going on in the database and share that with colleagues in read-only mode is very important to us," says Richard Jans.

Why MySQL?

The monitoring feature of MySQL Enterprise Edition together with the close support offered by Oracle Premier Support made Great HealthWorks move forward with MySQL Enterprise Edition.

MySQL Enterprise Edition also offered Great HealthWorks an excellent price-performance ratio . The maturity of MySQL Enterprise Edition and the reference customers contributed to Great HealthWorks's decision to deploy it.