MySQL HeatWave: Real-time Analytics without ETL

Deliver Real-time Analytics

HeatWave is designed to enable customers to run analytics on data which is stored in MySQL databases and object storage, without the need for ETL. Analytics queries always access the most up-to-date data as updates from transactions automatically replicate in real time to the HeatWave analytics cluster. There’s no need to index the data before running analytics queries.

One of the key design points of the HeatWave engine is to massively partition data across a cluster of HeatWave nodes, which can be operated upon in parallel in each node. Each HeatWave node within a cluster and each core within a node can process partitioned data in parallel, including parallel scans, joins, group-by, aggregation and top-k processing.


MySQL HeatWave massively partitions data across a cluster of HeatWave nodes for high scalability.

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