MySQL HeatWave: Fully Managed Database Service

Fully Managed Database Service

Improve productivity by automating time-consuming tasks such as high-availability management, patching, upgrades, and backup with a fully managed database service. Free up time of developers, DBAs, and DevOps to focus on the value added tasks that are core to your business.

MySQL HeatWave: Fully Managed

MySQL HeatWave is a fully managed database service.

Instant Resource Provisioning

Instantly provision MySQL instances and connect to a production ready, pre-configured MySQL Database. Choose from multiple compute shapes depending on your application and capacity requirements.

Elastic Scalability

Scale DB system shapes, making it easy to add capacity to accommodate your workload requirements. Provision fast, reliable, and secure cloud storage for all enterprise workloads.

Automatic Software Patching

Automatically keep your databases up to date with the latest release of MySQL Enterprise Edition during a user defined maintenance period. Users can also manually upgrade MySQL Servers using the Console or CLI. MySQL HeatWave uses a rolling maintenance process to upgrade high availability DB systems.

Automated Backup and Restore

MySQL HeatWave supports full and incremental backups. Automated backups occur daily during a user defined period. The automated backup retention period can be configured to up to thirty-five days. Manual backups are performed using the Console or through the REST API with a retention period of up to 365 days.

Point in Time Recovery

Restore a MySQL DB system to a new DB system using the latest available point in time or a specific point in time. Point in time recovery provides a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of approximately 5 minutes while daily backups provides a RPO of 24 hours.

High Availability in Single Click

MySQL HeatWave High Availability enables organizations to deliver SLA commitments with 99.99% uptime and zero data loss tolerance. Unlike other MySQL cloud services, MySQL HeatWave High Availability deploys three MySQL instances across different availability and fault domains using MySQL Group Replication.

Read Replicas for Elastic Scalability

Read replicas provide higher performance and durability for MySQL DB systems. User can elastically scale out read-intensive database workloads to one or more read replicas to increase capacity and improve query performance. Deployment, configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of read replicas and load balancers is fully managed by the MySQL HeatWave database service. Performance benchmarks show that MySQL HeatWave with 16 replicas can support more than 5 million queries per second.

Advanced Security

Advanced security features including data at rest encryption, asymmetric encryption with key generation and digital signatures, data masking and de-identification, and database firewall let customers implement additional security measures to protect data throughout its lifecycle and help comply with regulatory requirements.

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