Teyuto, Italian SaaS ISV, Boosts Customer Experiences
with Recommendation Engines Built on MySQL HeatWave

"For me, HeatWave is the future because of its machine learning integrated within MySQL with immense power and situated in its own cloud, OCI—what could be better? It’s astounding and the speed is remarkable. The database and AI capabilities are the most critical components of our business offering. MySQL HeatWave AutoML has it all."

Marcello Violini
CEO & Founder
Teyuto S.r.l.

Italian SaaS ISV startup saved 35% on database administration while offering customers the added value of AI-powered recommendations and statistics by implementing MySQL HeatWave AutoML running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Introduction & Background

Teyuto is an Italian SaaS ISV that develops apps for people who want to create branded white-label video platforms and monetize their products through on-demand or live streaming. The company’s value proposition is to enable content creators to move their content from public platforms to a private channel with a few simple steps, without any computer skills required.

Business Challenges & Goals

To stand out from competitors, Teyuto not only needed the best database underlying its solutions but also a strong artificial intelligence (AI)-powered recommendations service and the ability to provide customers with real-time analytics and viewer statistics.

When the company started in 2018, it adopted the MySQL Community Edition database and cloud delivery hosted first on AWS and later on Google Cloud. However, Teyuto wasn’t satisfied with the performance and the complexity of needing to integrate and manage different services for database, analytics, and machine learning.

What the startup needed most was a cost-effective, high-performance machine learning (ML) engine to power its Teti AI recommendation system, which was designed to convert and retain video consumers.

To bolster service level agreements (SLAs) with world-class AI/ML solutions, Teyuto upgraded to MySQL HeatWave AutoML and migrated their databases and systems to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Business Results & Metrics

With MySQL HeatWave AutoML, Teyuto has strengthened SLAs and increased satisfaction by enabling its subscribers with recommendation platforms that keep their customers engaged and willing to purchase more products and services.

The Netflix-style Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms can be embedded in homepages, email campaigns, and product descriptions. The OTT recommendations to end users serve as a business driver, allowing Teyuto’s customers to better understand user habits and increase sales.

MySQL HeatWave’s built-in analytics and high-performance computing give subscribers the added benefit of real-time statistic tracking of the number of viewers per channel or individual video, as well as revenue, demographics, and more.

Statistics are made available in real-time to a subscriber base that needs immediate intelligence on their content thanks to MySQL HeatWave’s database and analytics integrated into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) high-speed, high-performance computing.

By hosting Teyuto’s recommendation and statistic solutions in OCI’s Frankfurt cloud region, low latency between the application and database ensures real-time viewer statistics, honoring SLAs and increasing customer loyalty, retention, and spending among its over 3,000 customers.

MySQL HeatWave in OCI has proved to be 100 milliseconds faster than Google Cloud, a performance acceleration leveraged by Teyuto in delivering continuous uptime for thousands of end users.

On the operational front, Teyuto has gained 50% more staff productivity by redeploying resources previously engaged in Python or PHP programming, because MySQL HeatWave provides a fully integrated OLTP, OLAP, and AutoML system.

Teyuto estimates that it saved 35% in operational expenditure by using the integrated analytics and ML provided by MySQL HeatWave.

Training customer recommendation data is one of the new offerings leveraged by having MySQL HeatWave. Because the system includes everything users need to build, train, deploy, and explain machine learning models, Teyuto’s customers are freed up to develop personalized content and services that will increase viewer engagement and retention.

MySQL HeatWave AutoML also eliminates any latency in training data generation, display, and storage, providing multiple machine learning algorithms immediately.

Why MySQL HeatWave?

Teyuto selected MySQL HeatWave AutoML for its in-database machine learning, with both data and model stored in the database, eliminating complex Extract, Load, Transform (ETL) processes.

The solution gave the company what it was searching for: built-in analytics to guarantee its customers real-time viewer statistics, and an ML engine to provide customers with a platform for recommending movies or other media content. Only MySQL HeatWave was able to provide a single unified solution for OLTP, OLAP and ML.

In addition, Teyuto experienced a genuine partnership journey in dealings with Oracle sales, support, and product management. “With Google, we waited days, if not weeks, for a response to issues and then they attempted to steer us in directions we did not want. Oracle, on the other hand, has been quick to understand our issues and find solutions. It’s a good partnership,” said Marcello Violini.