Licitapyme Migrates from AWS to MySQL HeatWave
for improved performance and faster analytics

"With the high performance of MySQL HeatWave, the native machine learning coupled with Oracle Analytics, and the new Oracle Cloud data center here in Chile, we are well equipped to scale into the public sector tendering business in other parts of Latin America."

Paul Rojas

Chilean small and medium business platform for public sector migrated from Amazon Aurora and Amazon RedShift to MySQL HeatWave for better performance and lower costs.

Business Challenges & Goals operates a leading contract bidding platform for small and medium-sized enterprises. It provides customers with current and past tender information downloaded daily from Chilean government procurement sites, principally and its electronic catalog ChileCompra.

ChileCompra's catalog of products and services contains 100,000 items ranging from perishable and non-perishable food, stationery, computers, and office furniture to more complex services such as hotels, medical treatment, and specialized recruitment. In 2015, the value of these offerings was estimated by the Chilean Ministry of Finance at US$2.6 billion.

The platform creates a level playing field, where supplier competition leads to optimization of pricing, quality, and innovation - as well as more business for competitive suppliers.

For several years, ran its marketplace of public sector bidding under AWS, using the Amazon Aurora database and the Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Dissatisfied with cost, non-integrated systems, high data center latency, and unsatisfactory performance, switched to MySQL HeatWave after Oracle opened its Chile Cloud Region data center in late 2020.

Business Results & Metrics

With MySQL HeatWave, doubled the speed with which it makes available tender and contract information. MySQL HeatWave's in-memory query accelerator has doubled download processing performance from, making public tender transactions available in two hours instead of four. Potential suppliers now receive updates throughout the day for fine-tuning their product strategies.

Single queries now run 5X faster on MySQL HeatWave than with Amazon Aurora, while batch queries perform 2X faster.

Uptime of the platform has risen to 98% due to MySQL HeatWave's in-memory query accelerator, high availability, and scalability. Customer satisfaction has risen as pages load up to 3X faster with MySQL HeatWave compared to Amazon Aurora, resulting in faster provision of bidding information.

MySQL HeatWave - running Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and machine learning (ML) workloads directly from the MySQL Database, has proven to be 2.5X faster than Amazon Redshift.

Replacing Amazon RedShift with MySQL HeatWave resulted in 27% cost cutting, while OCI is 74% cheaper than Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), yielding an annual database and infrastructure expenditure reduction for

With MySQL HeatWave combining transaction processing, analytics, and machine learning within a single database, eliminated the need for complex ETL between Amazon Aurora and Amazon Redshift.

MySQL HeatWave's greater performance and the lower latency of Oracle's Cloud data center in Chile have given a springboard to expand and scale to other countries of Latin America. This is facilitated by Chile's adherence to the standardized data download procedures of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) that prevent collusion and guarantee the integrity of its platform.

The international expansion of is also strengthened by the powerful platform enhancements stemming from MySQL HeatWave's native machine learning and Oracle Analytics, creating a data mining and data intelligence environment with which to build innovative products and services, with no change to the infrastructure.

Why MySQL HeatWave was unhappy with the high costs and complexity of managing Amazon Aurora and Amazon RedShift. They chose MySQL HeatWave for its integrated cloud solution and the Oracle Cloud Region data center in Chile.

With AWS contract expiring around the corner, and credits available through Oracle Universal Credits, the company rapidly took the decision to switch to HeatWave.

With the assistance of Oracle MySQL Support, migrated from Amazon Aurora and RedShift to MySQL HeatWave in one working day. Oracle MySQL Support is available 24X7.

"Oracle MySQL Support has been magnificent, and without it, I doubt we would have made the migration to MySQL HeatWave. It's a team we can rely on," said Paul Rojas, CEO at Licitapyme.