Flash Networks

Flash Networks Embeds MySQL Enterprise Edition
in Parental Control Solution for Mobile Operators

"We are very pleased to have built a secure parental control solution, using MySQL Enterprise Edition, and be able to offer it to mobile operators. We are making an important contribution to avoid that children are exposed to harmful content."

Avi Yarkoni
Director of Channel Management, Flash Networks


Flash Networks is a leading provider of optimization solutions. The company enables mobile communications operators to improve radio access network (RAN) spectral efficiency, boost network speed, optimize video and web traffic, and generate over-the-top (OTT) media revenue.

Flash Networks has the largest market share in the mobile Internet optimization and monetization market with hundreds of deployments, serving over one billion subscribers worldwide. The company's technological strength provides mobile operators with the best of breed revenue-generating services, mobile data acceleration, and video optimization technologies.

Responding to the increasing necessity of mobile network operators to offer new services to subscribers, Flash Networks began developing a parental control solution in 2018. For the first time it decided to embed a relational database management system in its products.

Business Challenges & Goals

  • Expand the revenue stream of network traffic optimization solutions by addressing mobile operator demand for competitive offerings for their subscriber base.
  • Identify a carrier-grade database for embedding into the company's products aimed at increasing business with and for mobile phone operators.
  • Meet increasing consumer demand for parental control of child-operated internet devices, especially when children spend more time at home.
  • Ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation's (GDPR) parental consent requirements.

Business Results & Metrics

  • Secured new opportunities for mobile carriers to generate OTT media revenue and increase customer satisfaction by enabling them to offer parental self-care portals that ease concerns about children viewing harmful content on their devices.
  • Matched the requirement of 99.999% availability of transaction processing systems in carrier-grade telecom environments by selecting MySQL Enterprise Edition as the database for parental control solutions.
  • Enabled mobile service providers to offer parents a resilient way to identify risks based on the enterprise security architecture of MySQL Enterprise Edition, guaranteeing real-time advanced threat protection through encryption, monitoring, audit logs, and backup.
  • Comply with the GDPR's parental consent requirements through MySQL Enterprise Audit, alerting parents when children come across damaging online content and logging such instances for compliance.
  • Eased the risk of cyberbullying, access to harmful content, and excessive screen time thanks to the low-cost parental control service supplied by mobile operators which incorporate MySQL Enterprise Edition into their Internet platforms.
  • Empowered mobile operators to improve service levels through the trust and protection afforded by MySQL Premier Support - guaranteeing high availability, simplifying backup and recovery, ensuring compliance, and helping product enhancement.
  • Helped the company boost revenue by expanding network optimization solutions through the incorporation of MySQL Enterprise Edition into parental control solutions for OTT media content.

Why MySQL Enterprise Edition?

"We selected MySQL Enterprise Edition because it is carrier-grade, offers 5-nines availability, has very advanced security features, and a first-rate support. Leveraging it for assessment, preventive controls, and detective controls we were able to address key GDPR requirements and full compliance with GDPR. Last but not least, it is excellently priced - all of which have contributed to our highly successful new offering to mobile operators worldwide," said Avi Yarkoni, Director of Channel Management, Flash Networks Ltd.


Flash Networks' parental control solution was developed in conjunction with Veracity LTD, an Oracle Partner. Veracity advised on the choice of MySQL Enterprise Edition as an embedded database and Flash Networks worked with Veracity MySQL experts on the database's architecture and development.

Flash Network conducted a proof of concept with a leading European telco operator and launched the solution in mid-2019.

About Flash Networks

Flash Networks Ltd. is a global organization providing virtual optimization, security, and monetization solutions. It has won many awards, including a 2020 Global Excellence Award for its Security and Parental Control solution.

In 2019, Kenya-based telco Safaricom selected it as a market leader with advanced technology and innovative solutions that help improve subscriber quality of experience (QoE) and value-added services for better subscriber engagement, protection, and control over their data plans.

To learn more about Flash Networks, visit https://www.flashnetworks.com