Benefits of Moving from MySQL Community Edition to MySQL Enterprise Edition

giovedì, 01 settembre 2022

If you are currently using MySQL, you probably started with MySQL Community Edition. In fact, in many instances MySQL enters an organization via an application development project and makes its way into the data center when the application is promoted for production use. Challenges arise when these applications become vital to business revenues or key business functions. The most common challenges around running MySQL and other open source technologies are revealed by a simple line of questioning:

  • How will you ensure you are using the most reliable, secure, scalable, up-to-date version?
  • How will you know:
    • If a server or applications is down?
    • If there is a replication source/replica synchronization or latency issue?
    • How will you integrate MySQL with your existing security standards and infrastructure?

To help you answer these questions with confidence MySQL provides MySQL Enterprise Edition. MySQL Enterprise Edition is a commercial offering comprised of the MySQL database with security, encryption, auditing, high availability and scalability extensions, online backup, monitoring, management, and visual database design and SQL development tools. MySQL Enterprise Edition is backed by Oracle Premier support for organizations delivering highly available, business critical applications and services.

Join this webinar to learn more about the benefits of moving from MySQL Community Edition to MySQL Enterprise Edition.


  • John Kehoe, MySQL Principal Solution Engineer


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