Unlocking New Value from Web Session Management

Session Management with MySQL Cluster

As organizations seek to enhance their users' web experience through personalization based on historic browsing and buying behaviors, session data is becoming increasingly critical. Larger volumes of session data need to be managed, persisted and analyzed in real-time, and so session management has become more performance-intensive, while also demanding very high levels of availability to ensure a seamless customer experience. For rapidly growing web properties, it makes sense to evaluate the MySQL Cluster database.

This is a practical whitepaper featuring code samples that further discusses the challenges and solutions to session management, covering:

  • The demands of session management;
  • An overview of MySQL Cluster and how it can meet the challenges of today’s session management requirements;
  • Configuring session management with PHP and MySQL Cluster;
  • Configuring session management the memcached API with MySQL Cluster;
  • A case study of session management built with MySQL Cluster.

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