Top Reasons for Software as a Service (SaaS) Providers to use MySQL

1. Time to Market

You know you and your team successfully prototyped your solution on MySQL and you did it in record time. Continue to get your ideas implemented quickly by relying on the world's most popular open source database!

2. Focus Effort on Core Competency

Deploy a proven, cost-effective relational database so you don't have to spend your valuable resources building and maintaining a custom data store in house.

3. Develop and Deliver using the Web 2.0 Style

Take advantage of the speed, power and flexibility of developing your application using the LAMP stack to offer your customers the most advanced web-based applications.

4. Keep your Product Costs Low

Whether you're utilizing co-location or a fully managed hosting environment, the low cost of MySQL Enterprise allows you to maximize your margins while still achieving your product delivery goals.

5. Rapid Response To Customer Demands

Whether adding new features or adding new capacity to your existing product, the proven ease of use and quick time to deploy allow you to put your best foot forward with your customers.

6. Deliver High Value Service Levels at Low Costs

The reliability of MySQL Enterprise coupled with the available "Packaged HA" solutions give you the assurance that you can deliver meaningful SLAs to your customers for a lot less money than with other databases.

7. Maximize staffing productivity

The minimal administrative demands of MySQL Enterprise, with the added insight from the Enterprise Monitor mean that your staff can handle more servers without additional personnel.

8. Improve the Customer Experience

Your customers will have a better overall experience because the high performance of MySQL keeps your application running "snappy"!

9. Offer Additional Paid-for Features

MySQL allows you to provide your customers with advanced functionality that they would be willing to pay extra for.

10. Beat the Competition

Join the innovative SaaS companies that are offering more for less and winning and retaining customers at the expense of the larger, slower to respond and more expensive competitors.