Top Reasons for Managed Hosting Providers to be "Authorized MySQL Hosting Partners"

1. Offer a Competitive Advantage

Take advantage of becoming an "Authorized MySQL Hosting Partner" and distinguish your organization with proven expertise and backing of the company that develops the world's most popular open source database.

2. Gain Traction in New Markets

The proliferation of Web 2.0 companies as well as the increasing numbers of Software as a Service (SaaS) providers already know and use MySQL. Gain more of these customers as well as enter the emerging Enterprise 2.0 market through the "Authorized MySQL Hosting Partner Program"

3. Take Advantage of the Increasing Adoption of LAMP

Your customers already make extensive use of LAMP technologies to deliver innovative solutions to their clients and increasingly they will rely on you to take responsibility for their infrastructure.

4. Improve Credibility

As an "Authorized MySQL Hosting Partner", your customers in the Web 2.0, SaaS and Enterprise 2.0 space will have the assurance that you can provide them the products and services they need to be successful.

5. Add Revenue Opportunities

Offering your customers additional services based upon MySQL allow you to deliver more value and provide you with additional revenue opportunities.

6. Give Your Customers Additional Choices

When your customer needs to add to their infrastructure, you can give them additional choices by providing a "Managed MySQL" suite of services, which is an cost-effective alternative to existing managed database services.

7. Lower Your Costs

Through the "Authorized MySQL Hosting Partner Program", you have the assurance of being able to add more MySQL servers to your datacenter with a much lower demand on your infrastructure and your staff.

8. Maximize Your Investment in Your Existing Infrastructure

At the higher levels of the "Authorized MySQL Hosting Partner Program", you will gain access to the MySQL Enterprise Monitor. This allows you to gain rapid insight into your MySQL databases and easily integrates into your existing monitoring infrastructure through open standards.

9. Improve Customer Satisfaction

The additional insight provided by the MySQL Enterprise Monitor not only allow you to be more proactive with your MySQL databases, but it allows you to offer your customers meaningful feedback on their database configurations.

10. Deliver on Service Level Agreements Less Expensively

Using the MySQL Enterprise Edition, you will be able to offer your customers a high value SLA at a much lower cost than you would with other database.