Top Reasons for DBAs and SysAdmins to Buy MySQL Enterprise Edition

1. Develop, Deploy, and Manage high-volume applications

The MySQL Enterprise subscription includes monthly rapid-updates and quarterly service-packs. This ensures that the most reliable, secure and up-to-date version of MySQL Enterprise Server is always available to you.

2. Identify and fix problems before they become cost outages

MySQL Enterprise Advisors (e.g. Performance, Replication, Security, Schema, and Administration) proactively alert you to potential problems such as Server that are down, Accounts without passwords, Table Cache set too low, Query Cache problems, and more. The MySQL Enterprise Monitoring and Advisory Service is like having a “Virtual DBA Assistant” at your side that that recommends the necessary changes to fix issues.

3. Enforce MySQL recommended best practices

MySQL Enterprise Advisors not only alert you to potential problems but also deliver expert advice on how to tune performance, tighten security, improve replication and optimize schema design. This may include providing you the right commands to configure accounts, fix Sub-optimal Query Cache Hit Rates, improve Slave Lag Time and more.

4. Manage multiple servers

MySQL Enterprise Monitoring and Advisory Services give DBAs the flexibility to group multiple servers by application, data center, or function each with different threshold settings. Development, QA, and production machines can be managed separately based on their individual requirements. In addition, when monitoring thresholds are violated, notifications can be sent to multiple DBAs at the same time for maximum coverage of problem conditions.

5. Gain in-depth visibility into the health of all of your MySQL servers

The MySQL Enterprise Monitoring and Advisory Service provides you with a single, at-a-glance view into the health, availability, security and performance of all of your MySQL Servers from a consolidated Enterprise Dashboard. A color-coded heat chart, complete with visual Up/Down indicators, directs you to the source of the issue, helping you to quickly pinpoint and fix problems.

6. Discover tuning opportunities you cannot find yourself

Even optimized systems need continuous monitoring to ensure they remain at peak performance. The MySQL Advisors go to work immediately, and remain on guard around the clock to identify inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities so they can be dealt with before users are impacted or costly outages occur.

7. Build custom MySQL Rules

MySQL Enterprise Monitoring and Advisory Services are extensible, giving you the flexibility to create custom rules tailored to the needs of your particular MySQL environment.

8. Receive new Advisors and Rules

The MySQL Enterprise subscription provides you with the latest MySQL Advisors and Advisor Rules, to enforce the latest MySQL recommended best practices.

9. 24x7 Problem Resolution Support

Get support directly from the source – from the engineers who develop the MySQL Enterprise Server. They are ready to help you with your toughest technical questions.

10. 24x7 Consultative Support

Leverage the deep knowledge of the MySQL Support Team. They are ready to help you with best-practises advice including replication set-up, table designs, indexing strategies, performance tuning, and more.

11. Leverage your existing DBA skills

If you are already a skilled DBA with expertise in Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, then adopting MySQL Enterprise will be an easy transition. MySQL is recognized as an easy to use, low administration database and provides visual tools that proactively advise you on how to find and fix trouble spots.

12. Become a MySQL DBA and expand your career opportunities

The MySQL Enterprise Monitoring and Advisory Service is your “Virtual DBA Assistant” helping you find and fix trouble spots with MySQL recommended best practices. By providing tailored recommendations that communicate step-by-step how to solve a particular problem your learn by example helping your improve your DBA skills. MySQL DBAs are in high demand at the most successful and innovative companies.