MyISAM to InnoDB: Why and How

MySQL has a pluggable storage engine architecture that allows users to select the best storage engine for their application and workload. While InnoDB is the most popular storage engine, some users have had to rely on MyISAM for its full text search capabilities, and in some cases, better performance in applications that didn't require transactional capabilities. With the release of MySQL 5.6, those reasons are now gone: MySQL offers native support for full-text search in InnoDB along with significant performance improvements.

This technical presentation reviews some of InnoDB's new features, including Full Text search, and InnoDB’s performance improvements. It will also show you how to migrate your applications and data from MyISAM to InnoDB. Topics include

  • Portability of InnoDB files (individual .idb files and the Undo log)
  • Performance improvements with InnoDB Read-only transactions
  • Impact of changes to InnoDB page size
  • InnoDB Full Text Search